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Combining Push Press with Military Press?


I am interested in using both the push press and military press. What would be the best way to combine these, or should they not be combined? My idea is to use the military press for the regular 531 sets, and then use the push press for joker sets. These joker sets could possibly utilize a separate training max for the push press.

After these sets, then back down to the supplemental sets with military press, or bench press if using an alternate days approach. Does this sound like a good or bad idea? If these exercises can be combined, then what would be the best way?


I have programmed them as straight assistance with a separate heavier max - much like a board press on the bench - a way to handle some heavier weights. I don't think they added much to my military - if that's what your after.


It's more just because I want to handle some heavy weights overhead. It's not really to help with my military press, but I would hope to see a little bit of carryover. I am planning to start BBB, so I don't want push press to replace my supplemental sets. If that means nixing the push press then I am fine with that, but I would prefer not to.


If you are going to do the pushpress and military, do them as separate lifts, as they are different movements. Just like the front squat and squat.

Keep separate TM's and records. If you are doing BBB, do BBB. As written. It's only for 6 weeks and then you can do the pushpress as another exercise. Remember that training doesn't require you to make a Sophie's Choice.


Thank you. I plan on staying with BBB for a while. I have read posts where you told others that that they can replace military press with push press, so I will do that since I can't combine them.