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Combining Protein: MAG-10 + MD Low Carb, etc


I understand the philosophy of taking MAG-10 in pulse like fashion either before meals or via the pulse fast protocol for when outside the peri-workout window...but what are some thoughts on COMBINING MAG-10 and MD lo-carb to get both fast and slow proteins in a "meal"?

To me, this seems to be a more expensive way (perhaps) of getting the slow and fast proteins...the other way is to simply use MD Muscle Drive formula...but it appears to be the Rolls Royce of slow/fast. I understand one would be missing the carbs, but really, carbs are cheap (yeah, they are not "hi-tech" like in MD Muscle, but I am not convinced that they are needed).

The only thing that I'm wary of is the taste.
Just looking for general thoughts. Of course I'm going to do this anyways just to see how it works for me.


that seems like a waste of money to me.

the whole point of MAG-10 is to take it alone so that it will create a huge spike in aminos in the blood stream.

why not just mix the MD with normal whey


I think it would be better (if you necessarily want to combine them) to have MAG-10 first and then MD 10-15 minutes later. I think that was the original recommendation for the pre-meal pulses.



Waste of money...perhaps due to the MAG-10 cost.

And the "whole point of MAG-10" doesn't mean that is the only way to use it. There are PLENTY of experiences outside of scientific studies etc or what is touted on this site that indicate combining a very fast protein with a slow one yields great results. So I don't buy this single-minded thinking towards how to use this type of protein.

MD already has whey isolate in it which is a fast protein, but not as fast as casein hydrolysate. Adding in MAG-10 gives one a fast, medium, and slow protein.

This goes against the popular protein pulsing concepts currently written on this site, but from experience I'm not going to throw away the tried and true slow + fast protein concepts just because of that.


So it would seem, but I'm a little skeptical on the idea that adding in another protein source really diminishes the amount of fast protein that gets into the blood. I think (unless proven wrong) that it doesn't make that much of a difference.




It tastes like fucking DEATH.



Hey man, I did sound like a dick in my response didn't I?
Sorry about that....difficult to get off the high horse sometimes!


You've tried it! : )
I did too. And you're right.


You are were absolutely right about the combining fast and slow proteins being a good idea. Has been shown in research to be the most effective. Often slamming down a dose of only super fast protein aka MAG-10 is far inferior for muscle anabolism than a dose of fast and slow protein. Dont worry if you are going against the common concepts of this site.