Combining Pervertor and Leviathan

For my next leader I really want to run Leviathan. I was curious if anyone sees an issue with doing the Leviathan main work and then have the supplemental follow the layout of Pervertor? I like the idea of changing rep schemes each week.

I think it would be better to do every program as written. My best gains came when I stopped customizing Jim’s programs. Just my 0,02¢.


So is the program intended to keep the same rep scheme for supplemental each week? Vs rotating?

The supplemental work in Pervertor is BBS, BBB, and SSL.

In Leviathan you can choose your supplemental types to include BBS, BBB, and SSL.

So at first glance what you want to do checks out. However, the reason for the flexibility in supplemental work for Leviathan is to make sure you can back off where you need to and get the most out of the program. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend what you are proposing here. Go back in the Forever book and read the text on both these programs, and see if you really wanted to do this. I’m sure people could run the Leviathan main work with the Pervertor supplemental work and be just fine, but I don’t know if it’s that great of an idea.

Looking back at your posts it looks like you did Beginner Prep School in the spring followed by some BBB. Is this still your first year of 5/3/1? I would suggest try running Leviathan as written before making any modifications to the program. Once you’ve run a leader and anchor cycle of Leviathan you’ll have a better idea of the workload involved, and then you can make better decision about assistance when programming in the future.

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I have run 531 for a fee years but prep school was the first time i buckled down in all aspects (diet, conditioning, starting too light ect) and coincidentally its the first time since highschool im actually making progress. Recently hit a 300lb SSB which has been a LONG time goal of mine. (I know its not a ton but to me it took a long time)

Anyway, solid advice. I will try running it without combining programs and take into account the main work is pretty taxing. Do you suggest keeping the supplemental work the same each week then? So maybe 5x5 FSL for DL and 10x5 Press throughout the program and not change each week?

This is what I would do if I were to run it now, but do what works best for your body and current needs/restrictions. I would keep things the same, but be ok with needed to pull anything back to a 5x5 FSL if I was feeling rundown, my bar speed tanked, or I wasn’t able to hit the numbers.

If you have everything buckled down and it’s working for you, great, and keep it up. I, too, make the most progress when I just do everything the way Jim wrote it. Good luck.

I know that the general rule is not to combine or mess with programs much, but (as long as you’re at least somewhat experienced) you know your body better than anyone else. I’d personally run what you’ve proposed. I’ve run both of those programs, and they’re both great. For me, doing 5s pro vs 70%,80%,90% x3 and TMx1 isn’t going to be any different on my recovery. As long as your TM isn’t too high and that single isn’t a grinder, it might actually be less draining than 5s pro. It would be for me.

If you need to ask, then leave it as is.