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Combining Nandrosol & Androsol in the same bottle??

Just wondering have used androsol before (3- 2 week cycles with 4 weeks off),and got great results-def recomend this product.just acquired a couple of bottles of Nandrosol for x-mas(man that wife is good)and was wondering if you combined 4 oz of Nandro with 4 oz of androsol would you get results-anybody try this protocol-I know in the paper version of t-mag it states to spray seperately and on different parts of the body-but would mixing it work-hinder or no change??any input would be appreciated before i experiment on myself .thanks guys

This same question was asked a few weeks ago. I believe the concensus was that there is no advantage to mixing Nandro & Andro in the same bottle. A good reason not too might be that Andro is kinda sticky and I’d rather not spread it any further than I have to.

IT KICKS ASSSSSS!!! DO IT!! I just came off a Nandro/Andro/Finasol cycle(andro/nandro mixed 50:50 in ONE bottle)with my best gains EVER!! Mixing them lessens the whitish look(Brock mentioned this a couple weeks ago)and the ‘sticky’ androsol feel on the skin.Plus this is the FIRST cycle where I didn’t break out with zits after (Androsol alone makes me zit up for a day or two - not bad,but none is better)GOOD LUCK !!

I triedthe 2 together.loved the feeling .less sticky.no breakout.idid 2 weekson 2weeks off 2weeks on and now im off.i went from 161 to 174,and to tell the truth my workout schedule sucked.my diet was good though.i liked the 2 together better than androsol alone.it was alot easier to put on clothes after application w/0 that clingy/sticky feeling to your skin.and yes i only misted the sprays.no white residue either.