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Combining MAG-10 with Carbs?


Hey guys, i use peptopro or MAG-10 in my pre-workout shake. Previously i've used karbolyn which has no fiber or protein. But now i ran out and want to get away from Genetically modified foods. So i'm using swedish oat starch (1 scoop = 5g pro,3g fiber, 32g carb). Do you think using 2 scoop of the oats + MAG-10 would screw up the amino acid speak from MAG-10?

If so, what carbs do you reccomend pre-workout, i can't use surge because i've had candida issues and wan't to avoid simple sugars.

Any reccomendations for complex pre-workout carbs?


the more complex the carb source, the more it'll lessen the peek amino blood concentrations.

pick one or the other


Think i'll have to opt for brown rice syrup.