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Combining Layer Days


CT I'm prepping for my strongman show in august and I am trying to mame sure I am recovering and progressing 100%. I was wondering if there is any problem combining the ramp to 3RM square day and 3rm high pull day?

Than I would take 1-2 days as off or easy sessions than come back and hit it hard.


I do not like 2 days off in a row, unless you are severely overreaching (which is rarely the case with a regular program)... I always come back with a sluggish nervous system after 2 days off.

Ramping both exercise to a 3RM is doable. But you can't do much more on that day, so you cannot do both days as is. I would probably do the high pull full workout and then just ramp the bench press as the bench isn't that useful in a strongmancompetition


OK I was just wondering because I tend to be in the camp of doing too much from time to time, when I know I grow better off of a lower to moderate volume.

If you don't mind chiming in one more time..

My current split is
Sunday - bench up to a 3rm, than 2 x extended sets. Than 3 sets of 3 on close grip incline. 5 sets of lats
Monday - squats up to a 3 RM, than 5 sets of 3
Tuesday - high pulls up to a 3rm, then 5 sets of 3.
Wednesday - overhead press - 3 sets of 8, close-grip bench 3 x 3. Assistance for shoulders and tris
Thursday - deads up to a double, then 4 x 2. Than 3 sets of rows
Friday - high pulls up to a 6rm, than 4 x 6
Sat - OFF

I varied off the layers for the pressing because the current set up is working. Any opinions?


I should explain that I find it works best if I run it as a peaking cycle by doing weeks of 3 for a few weeks, than weeks of 2 for a few weeks, than weeks of 1.