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Combining Injections


Anybody here do it?

When injecting multiple compounds per week, can I just combine them all into one syringe? Or do you guys do something different?

If you don't combine, then let's say you have to do 3 injections 2 times per week. For each of those days, do I inject all into the same place or do I spread it out on my body?


Of course you can mate!


But I feel if I draw from one vial then stick the needle straight into the other vial, I'll be contaminating the second vial with a different compound.


Nah. Just go ahead and draw it all up in the same pin. Transfer will be minimal, nothing to worry about.


Ok so I realized only 2 of my 3 injectables will fit in one syringe, meaning I will be doing 2 injections 2 times per week (4 injections per week). So each day should I inject onto the same area?


Same area? Why? Rotate the sites, once a week max.