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Combining IF with Get Shredded Diet


Hi all.

So, summer is comming up and I want to lose som fat, fast.
I have been doing intermitted fasting (16h fast) for little over a year and I love it.
Would it work to combine IF with Get shredded Diet and follow those principles but instead of 4 meals just eat 2?
I'm going on vacation in exactly 8 weeks so thats my timespan on this diet.

This is how I want to eat during the diet

Meal 1 (pre workout)

400g Coconut milk
1 scoop whey protein powder

28g protein
15g carbs
70g fat

Meal 2 (Post workout)

12 Eggs
300g Broccoli
50g black beans
2 garlic chloves

98g protein
36g carbs
63g fat

Total macros

174g protein
42g carbs
124g fat

So pretty close to the original macros. A little more protein and a little less carbs and fat.

So would this work?


If you have been consumimng 1,950 cal/day for a year and you are not in 'very lean' condition I fear something is wrong. How much do you weigh? What is your training schedule?


Well I have not been eating 1950 kcal/day for a year. Just been eating 2 meals a day.
I have not been counting calories during this time and has succumbed to my sweeth tooth way to much.

At the moment, I have about 18% body fat, yet fit. Able to run 6miles (10km) in 42m, do dragon flags for reps and deadlift over 200% bodyweight.

As of today, muscle gains aren't my priority so I'm thinking of doing lots of HIIT works, kettlebells and a bit of gymnastics moves aswell as sprints. Think "crossfit inspired".
I will also Bench press 2 times per week. 1 time 5x5 and the other 3 set's max with 60% of my 1 rep max with 2 min rest inbetween sets.
I do this because I'm really weak in my bench press because I haven't done it in the past, so I would'n mind be able to lift more and maybe gain some size in my chest.


You need to learn about the foundations of a proper diet before you worry about gaining or losing any more weight.


But how much do you weigh?


Mixing IF with the Get Shredded diet is a bad idea. If you can't get as lean as you want with IF, then adding in more macronutrient/calorie restriction is not good. Especially since you're over 12% body fat. Its even worse that the Get Shredded diet clearly states its not for men over 12% body fat but you want to go ahead and tweak it anyway with only two meals a day.

What is up with people wanting to mix every diet with IF?!?!

This is almost as bad as a friend of mine with his IF/velocity diet mix.


So...the truth is you have been following the 'tumble weed' approach to your diet for over 52 weeks and now that you,re going to have own-up for your lack of discipline; you want go into 'frantic' mode for eight weeks.

IMO....your interests would be best served by a strict/proper diet[one you will actually comply with] and a program like P90X. [yes I am serious] You do not have the time for anything other than 'extended' cardio sessions. If you get your shit together you could drop 20-30lbs of bodyweight in eight weeks.

Remind me......what did you say you weighed?


I weigh 203lbs at the moment. However. Workout wise, I did try a crossfit inspired workout today and didn't like it as much as I used to do in the past. So I will swith back to my tried and trusted westside for skinny bastards 3 program