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Combining HOT-ROX with Topical Cream

I am at 9% bf right now and want to get rid of that las little bit for my vacation. So would it be ok to combine HOT-ROX with a topical Yohimbine and caffiene cream or could there be side effects? Thanks for any info.

HOT-ROX Extreme has both Yohimbine and caffeine in it. So it probably depends on how well you can handle stimulants.

I have done this but I dropped the HOT-ROX down to 2 pills max a day. I use the cream right before working out for my caffine fix lol.

I don’t care what others say, if you get a good cream it works.

I was kind of afraid that the caffiene and yohimbine in the cream would have an additive affect with the HOT-ROX. But I would like to keep my HOT-ROX at the same dosage maybe I will just try it together and see how it works.

Which Y creams do ya’ll use? I hear they are pretty effective when used in conjuction with YC and obviously diet/excercise.