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Combining Gym With Kickboxing


I’m going to take up kickboxing as a hobby and need advice on how to pair it with my gym sessions. I’ll have kickboxing Mon/Wed and can go to the gym an additional three times per week with the aim to gain muscle.

How would you split up the training week and what program would you use? I don’t think I’d recover from total body training since the kickboxing sessions are pretty draining.

I’m currently doing Westside for Skinny Bastards but I can’t see how I would combine it with my kickboxing days since I don’t have the time to train twice daily like the program suggests for extra activity.

Also, how do you recommend I stave off muscle loss during the kickboxing sessions (90min)? I’m thinking about half a serving of Surge before/during/after training?

Thank you!

The Surge should do it. 90 minutes of kickboxing is really not going to cause that much muscle loss.

There are really 2 options to how you work your shedule, If you have the time on Mon and Wed, do the weights early in the day and the kickboxing in the evening. Otherwise, do the weights Tues, Thurs, Sat or Sun, Tues, Thurs.

Thanks for the reply!

Sadly I can’t do twice-a-day training. I’ve been toying with different splits and think it would be probably better if I had the rest days apart from each other. Something to the tune of:

Mon: Kickboxing
Tue: Total Body Training (squat+dip+pullup done lightly)
Wed: Kickboxing
Thu: Off
Fri: Lower body
Sat: Upper body
Sun: Off


That’s certainly doable. It’s actually close to something John Berardi put in “The Metabolism Advantage”.

I don’t think Squat/dip/pullup is balanced. I’d rather see either deadlift/clean&jerk, squat/bench/row or squat/chinup/push press.

It’s just that dips and pullups are too similar in that they both move the upper arm down.

Is there an overlap in the muscles used with a dip/pullup -combo? Isn’t it basically a horizontal press and a vertical pull? Just wondering…

Here’s what I’ve been thinking:


Front Squat 4x6-8
Cable Row 4x6-8
DB Bench 4x6-8


Deadlift 6x3-4
Reverse Lunge 3x8-10
Calves 3x8-10


Incline Bench 3x10-12
Pullup 3x10-12
Lat Raise 2x12-15
Biceps 2x12-15
Triceps 2x12-15

[quote]Brogan wrote:
Is there an overlap in the muscles used with a dip/pullup -combo? Isn’t it basically a horizontal press and a vertical pull? Just wondering…

As far as the arms are concerned, yes these are very different. Both move the body up while moving the arms down.

Compare the synergists of the 2 exercises and you will see a lot of overlap. Replace dips with mil press and they are quite different.

For the same reason, I wouldn’t pair upright rows with mil press.