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Combining Deadlift/OHP Workouts?

Hey everyone,

I had a question about combing workouts for a day due to time constraints. So I am on week 2 of the program and have been doing a 4 day a lift program. The way my schedule and life work I have days off during the week and I get time before work on the weekends to hit the gym. This weekend I was planning to do Dead lift on Saturday and OHP on Sunday. I can still get the days in but I think I would be rushed one day. I have family in town and we have some stuff planned for the weekend so I was going to try to fit both workouts in one day. Is this an ok thing to do or should I just stick to the days planned?

That should be perfectly fine. Some of the full body variations even do this as part of the regular schedule on both the 3 and 4 day a week templates.

Ive read the 5\3\1 beyond book and just got the 5\3\1 book that I am reading and I did come across the programing template for the 3 and 4 day a week templates. I just know sometimes if you start the program one way it would throw it off if you change something up like that. I hope to have things change and be able to get into a 3 day template program but I am going to finish this cycle out first before going that direction to not make things too screwed up for tracking purposes. Plus I like to finish what I start. Thanks for the reply

That is exactly how I run it. Have had success with it.

So you do squat one day than bench another followed with the third day as a deadlift and OHP day?

Yes, this is fine. This is also explained in the book.

This is perfectly okay and is exactly what I do. For me the amount of main and supplemental work is more than enough so this is the only day that I drop any assistance work.