Combining Cool Tips

Its been a while since I actually started a thread so I figured I’d start with one I’ve been meaning to start.

I make it a routine to read each article as it comes out and two from the archive on the weekend and I’ve noticed that most of the articles have atleast one small tip that is effortlessly applied to your training.

Hoping we could all share any benefits we’ve seen from the Cool Tips section or even combining the short easy tips we get thrown around between the locker room, cool tips, and some articles.

Been a big fan of Dave Barr’s work on protein synthesis and recovery/building. Between that and the addition of the Grow! Whey and BCAAs I’ve found it so much easier to apply his tips and still keep a budget.

My latest addition is combing 8oz of grapefruit juice with 1 scoop of Grow! Whey as soon as I wake up. I take these with my supplements (ala TC’s 5x article) and it also helps me meet Barrs suggestion for a high GI , protein meal immediately upon waking.

What simple tips have you guys been incorporating?

Going to the gym consistently 3 times a week.

Some of us need to stick to the basics first.

Doing squats

getting up early and doing my HIIT swimming stuff (missed that shit this morning, damn)


Does anybody know if the side-effects of adding grapefruit juice with supplements helps with Power Drive?