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Combining Bottles of Cypionate

For some reason my pharmacy “had” to give me 10 1ml bottles instead of the usual 10ml bottle. (Giving them a two week heads-up on needing a refill apparently isn’t enough.) I really don’t want to have to deal with so many vials; Storage and potential to lose one/some make me really wish they had told me they couldn’t get the big size so I could go to another pharmacy.

So my question is: Is it okay for me to pull the T-Cyp out of the 1ml bottles and into a mostly empty (trace amount left over) 10ml bottle? The brands/manufacturers are different, but they are both 200mg/ml T-Cyp, and the “used” bottle has only been in use for 10 weeks (empty since last Thursday).


I would do it and not think anything of it.

Risks of contamination are a bit overblown, IMHO.

I guess it wasn’t contamination that I was worried about. In fact I didn’t even think of that until you mentioned it, lol. I am worried that transferring it would “kill” it, and make it ineffective. I had the same paranoia when I flew a few months ago. I didn’t let the vial go through the x-ray machine, I had one of the security personnel “check” it so it didn’t have to go through.

That paranoia is somewhat justified though: Some medications get nuked by x-rays, which renders them useless.

I have never heard of such a thing for Test–or any meds for that matter…

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
I have never heard of such a thing for Test–or any meds for that matter…


I couldn’t find anything about x-rays affecting Testosterone specifically, but thought “better safe than sorry”. I found out that it can ruin some meds the day before the flight when I was checking-in online. I actually read through that stuff for some reason. It said “Make sure any medications that you will be bringing along are safe to bring through imaging machines. Many medications can’t handle the small amounts of radiation received while going through airport security”. So I opted to just have it hand tested. I figured too that it would be easier dealing with security if I handed them my needles, as opposed to them seeing them in my bag and thinking I’m a terrorist or something while they rip my suitcase open.

The nice thing about hand carrying your gear through security is that, at least at some airports (Seattle specifically), you can actually skip to the front of the line and go through the special security line since they think it will take longer to screen you. But if the airport is crowded you end up saving WAYYYYYY more time even with the added screening. Definitely a win.