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Combining Anti body building hypertrophy with HST?

Ok, I’ve been reading a lot of great stuff on this site, and I’m trying to decide on a training program to design for myself. Here’s an idea I came up with, what if I combined the main elements of the anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy program (www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/244anti.jsp) with the HST program?

So in other words, I would skip the arm focused exercises, as in the anti-bodybuilding program, but use the weight, rep, and set progressions of the HST program. The reason I think this would work for me is because I’d like to work gradually up to the explosive, low rep type workouts. I’ve had some minor nagging injuries that are basically gone now, but I’d like to get nice and healthy and strong everywhere first. So I figure the early first two week phase of the HST program would be perfect for that. I also play a lot of sports, so I’d like to build explosive power, which the low rep, high weight final two week phase of HST would accomplish. Any thoughts from any of you experts out there on this idea? I’d also like to put on a little mass, so the anti-bodybuilding aspects sound good to me. Any thoughts from any of you experts out there on this idea? Thanks…


I’m not an expert but I have a pretty good idea what they are going to tell you. Don’t take 2 good things and turn it into 1 bad thing. Will it work? Maybe. maybe not. You mentioned you like to work up to heavy poundages. So why not just do one HST cycle and follow it up with anti-BB? That sounds like a good rational way to go about it and you’ll know your not screwing it up. If you do it your way and you don’t get results you still wont know how either of the programs works for you.

Oops, I meant to include the link to the HST program, just in case somebody needs to check it out to see what I’m talking about:


It’s good to think about all possible variables when starting a program, but I would not recommend your idea. I wrote a post about this recently to another forum member. Do the HST precisely as it was designed, then do my program precisely as it was designed (or vice versa)- don’t combine them both into one. Every set/rep/rest period/exercise has a specific purpose on well-designed programs. You picked two well-designed programs so stick to each one separately. That way, you will also have a longer plan set up. Good Luck.

Yeah Chad you actually wrote that to me, but I was just trying to pick your brain about the diferences between them. I wasn’t going to change anything around. I figured that just maybe you would be better at designing a program then me. :wink: