Combining Aminos Question

I’ve been following the whole amino pulsing/para-workout debate for some time but admit I’m a bit confused regarding competing amino acids.
Casein hydrosylate (CH) is allegedly the best source of protein for amino spiking purposes, followed by its whey counterpart (WH).

Initially CT stated CH was sufficient on its own but leucine should be added to WH. I’ve read today that he now also recommends leucine should be added to CH too. While in another school of thought, Layne Norton claims BCAAs are actually optimum for this purpose.

Given the theory that some aminos compete with each other, clearly following such supplement protocols could actually be a bit of a waste of time (and money). I’m confused. Can anyone clarify?

What is the question? Are you asking if whey and BCAA compete?!

Leucine is a BCAA (i dont know what you do know so i’ll keep it simple), and out of the three (BCAA’s) it is the one most responsible to stimulating protein synthesis post workout as well as halting catabolism.

IIRC the research later led to the difference in levels being more important than the actual level, and i was also informed recently that this is what the protocol you are trying is based on (i am STILL yet to read it).

So adding it to your hyperaminoacidemia shots (or whatever they are called) will be beneficial.

I cannot say that this is the exact reasoning behind CT’s suggesting it, but from the little i do know it makes sense to me.

Also the kep is providing a sharp increase in blood/amino level, and for this you need a very high bioavailability and insulin - which will be released with a fast ‘absorbing’ protein ingestion (and is the reason hydrosylate is used as i am sure you know).

I have not heard of competing amino’s before - and from what i do know about them i can’t picture why they would need to ‘compete’ - so can you link me to where you have read that please?