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Combining 5x5 and 3x12



I wanted to ask if it´s generally a good idea to combine the 5 x5 regime with bench press, floor press, deadlift and squat with 3 x 12 "minor" exercises like french press, shrugs etc...

should I keep up with this, or execute the 5 x 5 for everything?
I´m asking cause I only improve in the big 3 up to now, but my dips and pull-ups suck since months...


Are you in a dip or pull up competition with someone?

Are your arms getting bigger?

What exactly did you eat yesterday?

What are your stats?
- Age
- Wt.
- Ht.

Maybe throw up a picture.
The more information you put on here the better the response.

Without knowing anything about you, yes you can use 3x12 for axillary work


thx for the answer, sorry that I haven´t been more precise in my previous post.

I am

-28 years
- ~183 pounds
- 5'10"

Bodyfat is rather high, I think I´m eating rather good.
I´m into weight lifting for 6 months and can actually do 1,5 times BW in squat, so it´s not pure fat, haha.

Actually I´m doing weight lifting for 2-3 times a week and MMA for ~2 times a week.

I´m in no dip / pull up competition with someone, but I wanna improve everywhere.


Have you considered 5/3/1 ?


Gains don't happen over night and they happen slower in isolated muscle when compared to complex lifts.

What I mean is, your triceps are probably getting stronger but in order to get one more dip they need to improve even more. In contrast your bench press is the movement of multiple muscles so small improvements across all the muscles involved can add up to more reps/weight sooner. Add onto that the improvement of technique on complex lifts and you would have a noticeable difference.

Does that make sense?

Just keep hitting the gym hard and do 3-5x12 for axillary lifts and keep a log to track improvements.
* Muscles like calfs can be hit harder, hence the 5.


@ben: no, i haven´t considered it, cause up to now, i know too little about it, gotta read the article soon... but I don´t wanna change my training plan again, ´cause without consistence nothing works, thx anyway!

@JLone: thx for your advice!


Thats fine. 5x10-12 is even better for accessories if you're eating and resting enough.

Pullups/ dips are great auxiliary movements also. just do some light practice every day- like a few pullup singles, dips. If you have a pullup bar and a couple sturdy chairs you can even do this at home. They seem to respond to frequency, basically practice the movement as often as possible and your numbers will quickly go up.

You can throw in work sets of pullups on any training day really, see where you have the most energy for doing em and do them then.