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Combining 5/3/1 & TRX Exercises

Hello everybody,

I’ve been running the 531 BBB template for approx a year and half now. All my workout are done from home and so equipment is limited. Therefore I’ve been doing a few TRX exercises alongside the routine (Atomic pushups, pike, fall outs, tricep extensions and row).

Has anybody else used TRX witht he program? And secondly are there any recommendations for any particular exercises?

Thank You

Goddamn dude, typically you run a 5/3/1 program for 2-5 cycles. 18 months is nuts. It’s definitely time to use a different 5/3/1 program.

I don’t use TRX in particular, but I do a lot of bodyweight stuff. Inverted rows, suspended push ups, dips, fallouts, etc: all good stuff.

Hi, thank you for your response.

One of the main reasons I’ve stuck with it is that it is working for me. It doesn’t take me long to complete the workouts in the morning and I’ve pretty consistently made slow but steady increase in both strength and size.

I also pair it with regular martial arts training in the evenings (MMA 3hrs Mon & Wed, BJJ 3hrs Thrs & Sat) and the volume is just right for me to recover.

I had previously done the smolov squat cycle - great for results but awful for my knees. I think this template has provided me with longevity.

What 531 cycle would you suggest?

Current Stats:
Bodyweight 107.7Kg, 19.5% Fat
Squat 198Kg (5 Reps) [Full depth - 3sec hold at the bottom/rep]
Deadlift 245Kg (5 Reps) [Double hands over grip]
Bench Press 165Kg (5 Reps)
Military Press (Seated) 134Kg (5 Reps)*

I can’t do standing overhead press - not enough head room in the garage.

Any alternative 531 routine you feel would suit my needs, I’ll give it a try.

Damn hoss, your stats are impressive. That overhead is insane. Couple that strength with athleticism from MMA, sounds like your a beast.

In terms of programs for 5/3/1, I had great results with his Beyond program that’s listed on here


Other than that, you could almost plug and choose any program from the 5-3-1 forever book, tons of good options there.


Thank you for that routine. I’m not sure I’ll have the commitment with a 20 week workout plan - family life will always get in the way and once I miss one workout…whos knows what will happen.

One of the things I’ve been thinking of doing is adding cleans onto my deadlift days.

So my workouts will be (I Train at 5.30 in the morning - Mon, Tues, Thrs, Fri):
Workout 1: Squat (531), Deadlift (5x10), Barbell Curls (3x10) and Pull-ups.
Workout 2: Cleans (531), Deadlift (531), Squat (5x10), Bent over row (3 x10) and Chin Ups
Workout 3: Bench (531), Press (5x10), Hammer Curls (3x 10) and Pull-Ups
Workout 4: Press (531), Bench (5x10), Incline Press (3x10) and Chin-Ups

Note: Chin-ups/Pull-ups Five sets to failure.

Also been thinking of buying some more equipment. Not many options to be fair. Buying a prowler/sled is out of the question - nowhere to train!!! Atleast not without upsetting the neighbours. I’m thinking mini farmers walk handles and a few sandbags.

I could potentially create a fifth workout with this - early sunday morning before kids wakeup! (Sandbag carries, throws and overhead throws, farmers walk). What do you think.

Key Caveats

  1. Fifth workout
  2. Cleans with deadlift am I overworking the lower back?

Thank you in advance.

Man I’m not gonna lie, I think you know more about training than I do. Hard for me to give great advice for someone well above my current level, so let me tag in some help. @T3hPwnisher @littlesleeper @flappinit

For my take:

I know Jim has talked about cleans in his program before, and Pwn has done cleans as part of 5-3-1 if I’m not mistaken. I don’t see it really having a negative effect on you given the workload you’ve been running already, think you’d be fine to throw them in.

As far as new toys go? Sandbags and an Atlas bar are both completely worth it in every way IMO

I’ve never seen one of Jim’s templates with Cleans and Deadlifts. I’ve only ever seen it as an either/or deal.

Again: usual caveat: you are stronger than me.