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Combining 10x3 and 10x10

I was wondering what you guys think of the following program. I’m considering it to gain some serious overall strength/size.

The basic idea is to do a 4-day upper/lower split. Do two main antagonist exercises each day, supersetting them. For one, use 10x3, and for the other, 10x10.

After the two main exercises, I will do some accessory work aimed at weak-points and bodyparts that weren’t sufficiently hit in the main session.

The exercises I chose for the first cycle: Bench press, incline DB press, pullup, BB row, hang clean, RDL, squat, leg press

So the program looks something like this:

– Monday –
A1 Squat 10x3
A2 RDL 10x10
– accessory –
Leg extensions 2x12
Seated Calf 3x6
Decline Situps 3x10

– Tuesday –
A1 Flat Bench 10x3
A2 DB Row 10x10
– accessory –
Deltoid Flyes 2x8
Curls 2x8
Tricep Dips 3x6

– Thursday –
A1 Hang Clean 10x3
A2 Leg Press 10x10
– accessory –
Leg Curls 3x6
Standing Calf 2x12
Hanging Pikes 3x6

– Friday –
A1 Pullups 10x3
A2 Incline DB Bench 10x10
– accessory –
Deltoid Cable 2x12
French Press 3x6
Pullovers 2x10

The accessory work is only provisional, and subject to change. My triceps are a weakpoint, which is why I’m doing direct work on them twice each week.

Anyway, what do you guys think of the idea of combining 10x3 and 10x10 protocols? How would you improve the program? Will this work?

Good luck on the squat/rdl superset, I doubt you will get through it unless your conditioning is really great. Just be warned you will be huffing and puffing.


I don’t think the program listed above will lead to success.

10x10 is grueling if done right. I did about a month of it and switched each time.

It will be hard to make consistent progress on what you listed above