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Combined Conditioning/Assistance



I have been combining conditioning and assistance for one session done normally 0-3 hours after strength training. The reason I’ll do this is completely for social purposes (I’ll go to the gym alone, but do the assistance work and conditioning with my wife), not because this would be any kind of “secret solution” for anything. We have used same logic what Jim uses in his article “Conditioning When Weather Suck”.

Since I’m doing mainly different 3 day-a-week full-body templates its clear I must be very cautious of what I’m going to do. Upper body pulling, push ups, ab work, step ups, kb swings, running and jumping rope (or something similar in nature) are the building blocks for our sessions.

The question is: Do anybody else here (Jim or others) do this? Do you have any tips or other notes about the subject.


Ive been trying to build my strength endurance, this is a really good workout that can maintain strength too:

Alternating dumbbell press from the floor. Take a dumbbell such that the bar is parallel to your feet and place it between your legs at about level with your toes. Row the bar up to your shoulder using a neutral grip. Once the dumbbell is at your shoulder, rotate it so you get into position to press…and press! Alternate hands for each rep. 20 reps per hand will get you really tired. The best I have done was 50lbs with 25 reps per hand before my form really started taking a dump.


And no leg drive is allowed with the press.


I dont have acces to prowler, airdyne or sled etc. And no hill at winter time either so bodyweight stuff is my way to go also. I think if you do bodyweight “circuits” smart way, you can build up over time and do that kind of stuff everyday eventually without any negative effect to your lifting. It becomes blurred lines between conditioning/recovery/mobility/assistance work.
I actually have a “project” right now, to wear weight vest (30kg) everyday I walk my dog and I have noticed that im starting to adapt for that like its just a normal walk around neighbourhood.


Aero51: that sounds fun challenge to do. But it would not probably be the most productive thing to do with my current template and goals. But I’ll definitely try that some day.

Sami: Yes! This is excactly what I’m aiming to do. My priority is strength in main movements, but it is important to be able to do bw stuff and other “athletic” performances also. This is why 5/3/1 appeals to me so strongly.

I have slowly build up the capacity, and my intention is that I could do conditioning/assistance stuff with only little effect to my weight training. I’ll always amp up my conditioning a little in the beginning of the 5/3-cycle and try to keep that constant.


I have written a ton of stuff on how to do this on my forum. Including KB, bodyweight, mobility and sleds/airdyne/jump rope. And how to do without being a dumbass. As well as challenges including bodyweight work. Some of this will be in new book too.

I have written about this before - it’s made a big difference in my training. However - it may not for everyone.


Thank you.

I’m doing this currently by your guidelines, but I’m still having a lot of questions. Maybe I’ll subscribe to your forum some day now. Also - can’t wait for the book!

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