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Combine Speed + Power


I am training for a combine in a different sport outside of America in 8 months time, the combine tests are identical to the NFL combine.

I havve been training with Olympic lifts for 5 years, Pilates, elite speed drills + Functional Stability exercises for 3. I have done extensive research, but the cycles are so varied that it confuses me.

I need a 1 time only cycle (10-12 weeks, HIGHLY LIKELY wonâ??t get drafted unless my 20m + Vertical Jump is hitting record level due to my late age start).

My recovery + diet is elite. My maximal strength training would mostly occur on a Pulley machine + dynamic weights.
Stats = 6â??3, BP: 130kg Squat:165kg Deadlift: 190kg

What cycle do you recommend if I want avoid too much ligament strain? (For stability purposes), but accelerate my pure strength gains with lunges rather than mass. Btw stamina is not a worry as the period is only temporary.

I ultimately want to get a more explosive + more efficient athlete (Adrian Peterson).
- Anavar seems to come up all the time, but would the gains be enough? How would you cycle this.
- I have heard: Test, Deca, HGH, and IGF-1. (All increase skeletal muscle/collagen syn and bone mass and density, leaving you with a substantially reduced chance of becoming injured than if you choose to use AAS like sus, cyp, or enth).
- HGH sounds a great option but the price is crazy high.
- Detection times for below are 12+ months and need to be avoided


Are you asking what can turn you into Adrian Peterson? Only god can make that happen!


Any steroid will technically better your performance. Seems to me like you need to keep endurance and gain explosive power. Any Test cycle will do that, although you will bloat a little and if you get tested it'll show. Anavar is a good option, although running it by itself may be pointless.

I'd research some test + var cycles.


You squat only 165kg and deadlift only 190kg. You don't need steroids. What you need is strenth. Sure steroids will give you that, but if you need steroids to squat more than 165kg, then probably you are not meant to be a pro athlete. Also, don't expect to run a 10 week cycle and keep your hamstrings on their place, not going to happen. Use test prop at about 50-75mg ED for 3-4 weeks.


"Also, don't expect to run a 10 week cycle and keep your hamstrings on their place"

What exactly do you mean by that?


trt doses of test are good for collagen, any higher is bad IIRC..

that being said, I am not sure what your goals are (yes I read your post), but you can't spell "strength" without "tren"



long cycles increase strength way too fast, so fast actually that the muscle is not ready to be put into the extreme stress that sprinting is, so a serious tear is more than likely. You either don't sprint at high velocities, or you don't run long(ish) cycles. Anything more than 3-4 weeks is too much.


Oh okay, I had heard that one should be off of a cycle before they participate in a sport but wasn't 100% why...