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Combine- Help!!!

Alright so I’m a junior in highschool and I play football as a DB. I have been training “intensely” since last June. I maintained all my maxes through the football season and went up some but ofcourse not as much as I was during the off-season. I have been doing all my sprints and everything and working on my 40 form and vertical, squat, bench, etc, etc all that good stuff.I’ve been reading too many books and searching the web for anything I can find but ofcourse u can never know all of it but I have learned alot.

My question is if anyone can give me some combine tips just some things that would help before a combine or during the combine itself. So if anyone can give me a little help just on anything in particular that you’ve learned I would appreciate it. thanx

My tip is to go to www.defrancostraining.com

Read the articles, read the “ask Joe” section and order the combine video tape. I’ve heard only good things about it.

Best of luck.


ya im basically in the same situation as you, i have the atlantic combine coming up at holy cross and the shriners combine at xavarian if your in MA, but order defrancos video its got sik tips that will help you out. plus if your doing either of thos combines send me a PM. TK

All kinds of football players are so caught up in their numbers but seem (don’t know for sure) to be losing sight of the real picture. That’s to become a better football player.

Good luck though, I’m pulling for you.

I have worked with Combine athletes at all levels…over 120 into the NFL and 88 of them have been drafted.

As far as HS stuff…you are not going to get yourself a scholarship by running a time. You may get your film looked at more, but not an offer b/c of a good 40.

See how you rank…not by the online BS, but what people are asking your coach. If you come from a small school that does not have a lot of people walking through it this month, then go and light it up to help your stock. If you are a big school and a good football player…the combine can only hurt, not help.

Trust me, this is just after speaking with UCONN and Penn State less then 30 seconds ago.


[quote]Matgic wrote:
My tip is to go to www.defrancostraining.com

Read the articles, read the “ask Joe” section and order the combine video tape. I’ve heard only good things about it.

Best of luck.


I’ll read up on that site. Combine is this thursday though so no time for ordering videos or anything so I’ll just have touse all the techniques I’ve already learned. So only thing I can do, is my best. Thanks for your input I’ll get back to you all with the results. If anyone would like to add please do.
thanks again

Aight so I went to the combine and all I was kind of susprised how they do the vert with your hands together like a V-sit and reach thing but w/e it was still good I like the challenge.

I pumped 185-16 times (one of the highest of the day) and recorded a 4.5 even on the shuttle ( 5-10-5), sadly a 30 inch vertical and almost broke the tabs off the vert tester thing and pulled a 4.7 and change 40.

Which I was mad about because I have never ran on laser ever and didnt know how to really do it correctly and when to take my thumb off the little rubber tab. I kinda took my thumb off and then launched instead of leaving it on until I just couldnt touch it no more during my first step so that was lost time and I didnt breath right or lean right.

They woudlnt let me run it again which was understandable because then they woudld ahve to let everyone else run it again and that would take forever you only get one shot but its ok im not really too sad about it because next time Ill know exactly how to do it correctly.

I thought I did alright but ill jsut have to do better wat do u guys think?because the next combine (The BIG ONE) is about 2 weeks from now any advice is appreciated. thanx