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Combination of Different Gear

I’m looking to retain 25 lbs. for my cycle. I’m planning on only using Sustanon at 500mg per week for 10 weeks. I was thinking of adding something, like short-acting injectables or orals towards the end of the cyle to keep and maximize gains. My options are this: Primobolan Depot, Winstrol Depot, Testosterona50 (t-prop), and dianabol. I was also thinking of adding a long-acting injectable for the first few weeks (1-4). My options include: Norma Deca or Testosterona200 (Enanthate). From the researched I’ve gathered from this site and the gear that is available to me I’ve come up with what I think is a darn good 10 week cycle. Please give comments and suggestions that would improve this. Thanks.

Weeks 1-4: 500mg Sustanon
400mg Deca

Weeks 5-8: 500mg Sustanaon 200mg T-prop (100mg twice/week)

Weeks 9-10:500mg Sustanon 200mg Primo Depot (100mg twice/week) 20mg D-bol (daily)

After looking at my notes, I realized that in Week 5-8 I should have written 200mg of Winstrol Depot instead of T-prop. Comments anyone. Roberts, Strasser???