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Combating Toxic Winny


Hello, I'm on my second ever cycle(first was test only) of test and winny. I was interested in taking a winny only course however on further research found that it's best to run some test with it.

Now I've got my test and winny, what supplements should I take to combat the potential toxicity of winny. What kind of dietary requirements are essential or to avoid. Obviously a low or zero tolerance rule on alcohol will be required, probably be the toughest part of doing this cycle.
Thanks again.


Running Winny only cycle IMO is worthless. Run it with Test. On the topic of liver, if you plan to drink alcohol and do other dumb shit, dont cycle at all. The point of the cycle is is for this short period of time (few weeks) to give all you’ve got and do it the RIGHT way - training, diet, rest, meds, etc… Otherwise you waste your time and money. As far as liver support - milk tisle (sp?).