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Combat Sports/Training Discussion

:joy: I can totally relate to this. I sometimes go wrestlihg with a family friend who is like… Professional, like Commonwealth games/Olympic level shit.

One time we were sparring and I almost managed to pull off a move and he said “very good! That’s fantastic”. Or something alongside the lines of that and I said “really? You just pinned me like ten times…”

What makes it even more impressive is that I’m 25lbs heavier than he is. The way he moves… So explosive, so agile! It’s unbelievable

You mean you fought the guy?

If it was actually a friendly sparring match you wouldn’t have to worry about his friends.

Sparring also doesn’t generally allow for many Krav Maga tactics because I don’t think you can eye gouge, hit someone in the nuts or punch someone in the throat in a manner that is safe.

Krav Maga is designed to hurt, combat sports are designed to be sports. Though they also make someone fairly proficient at hurting someone provided it isn’t like… Aikido…

Well I was not ever speaking about knifes and multiple opponents. I dont think you should fight someone with a weapon if you know they have a weapon. Nor you should try to fight multiple opponents.

I am not a top guy in fighting. 3 years of boxing and 1 year of dutch kick boxing. I know my limitations. I can probably win a fight against the average joe if he is my size and level of athleticism. But I am not winning against someone currently practicing. I have lost all of my habits. Sports fighting is all about drilling.

Everyone in the fight sport is complimenting and supporting in general. They need people to become better in order to have better partners.

Here I kind of disagree. If you are fighting someone with experience you cant end up shit in 2 seconds. From a striking perspective to land a significant strike you need the other one to tire a bit get a couple of non significant strikes before hand. Sure if you are fighting the average Joe a jab is easy to land, cause their stance and measuring distance is not good enough.

No it was a streetfight. I just turned into a kickboxing match and i could easely get punched in the back of my head.

Thats why its called an - attack. Idk how it is where you are from, but in my country people dont really ask you to participate. They dont care. If you dont want to participate its just easier for them :smiley:

Ok, i exaggerated a bit.
Statistically average street confrontation lasts 4-7 seconds.

I get the feeling you havent seen much real fights. A jab is almost never used in a fight. Its a sports thing.
Most popular attack with hands is the so called “haymaker”.
A jab is a tactical punch ment to be followed by something. When someone wants to fuck you up in the street, 99 times out of 100 they wont use a jab. Its always either a haymaker or somewhat of a straight-right.

Because of street cams, police reports and medical records available nowdays, we dont have to guess. We actually do have years and years worth of statistics about all this.
A good self defense organisation studies this data and updates their shit at least twice a year. You can actually find how the curriculum has changed in 30 years, because the level of agression, weapon availability and knowledge of violence has changed.
For example, in the organisation i work, some of the stuff we used to teach after 2-3 years of training, in latest curriculum has been moved to year one. Apparently, the tendencies change year to year this semester.

Statistically how many attacks there are? In my experience, I have never been “attacked”, my fights have been mostly with people I know. I have a bar fight, but I was not attacked.

Well I know what people use. But I am always reliant on my jab. It is a pretty long, very accurate and quick punch. If you have been boxing you should develop a pretty good and strong jab. And I have to disagree, it is a pretty strong punch, I never had to follow up in a street fight after a jab. I have been in a few fights. I just go forward and either jab or a left hook slap. I actually knocked a guy down with a left hook slap. It is not that he did not get up immediatelly with pants pissed and started shouting at me, but the fight was over.

Here a sports thing. Some jab knock outs. Just the second Golovkin jab knock out is pretty impressive.

IMO, most fights are just people shouting, a few over hand punches, then someone shouting “leave him Terry he’s not worth it!”
Then everyone walks off saying they won and they order more drinks.

If I had started this thread I think I’d have asked people to comment if they had been in a situation
Where they really felt in danger for their life.
They or the attacker had to go to hospital afterwards.
They or the attacker were arrested afterwards.
Weapons involved (the attacker)
Weapons involved (you)
Court case involved.
The attackers friends kicked the shit out of you after you “won” against their friend.
You did everything text book but the drunk/drugged bastard still kept coming until the law arrived.
He did everything perfect but as you were a drunk bastard you kept coming.

The more you can tick off that list means the more I’d take your advice about reallife situations (and also BTW not go out drinking with you) otherwise to me, you sound like a Terry.

" An estimated 1.9 million women and 3.2 million men are physically assaulted annually in the United States."
And thats the movie country. So you can guess that countries like mine, are much worse. Its just that our people dont call the police cuz its pointless, so we dont have statistics :smiley:

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Fuck, I did not there were that many. I guess I have to appreciate the fact I live in a peaceful place.

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