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Combat Sport Cycle

Any one have any ideas about what would be a good cycle to add to fighters training, be it boxing, mma, kickboxing, or all?
I was thinking alone the lines of 50 mg prop and EQ EOD. And if I can get my hands on it wither Tbol or var, but I don’t see myself being about to get them.
I’m not looking for crazy gains, just to help recovery, little more strength/speed, drop a little fat, I’m at 14%.
Did a cycle 6 months ago of prop 100mg EOD, to much, gave me back back cramps.

I’m also curious about this. Currently training up for a fight and I’m looking at another cycle. First one was straight up test en.

well I am assuming that you want AAS that won’t obliterate your cardio or give you back pumps. If that is the case, tren with high dose test is out, as is dbol.

Probably test prop 50-100mg ED with either 50-100mg TBol or anavar ed would be your best bet.

If not tbol or anavar perhaps try halo for a shorter period, and if you are really daring, mibolerone right before the fight.

Yeah, I can’t deal with the back pumps or killing my cardio. The cycle I’m looking for is one that won’t hurt my training, not necessarily one that will add a lot to fight training.

Seems like quite a few people recommend test/mast for MMA. Including halo will increase strength and aggression, big time.

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Can GHRP6 be bought legally?

[quote]krazylarry wrote:
Can GHRP6 be bought legally? [/quote]

Thats an odd question considering the nature of this forum.

The quick answer is ‘depends on your definition of “legally”’

How about if I wanted to do some research would the research grade GHRP I bought be legit and make my experiments work or would that be a waste of my research budget?

yes, it would be fine for your rat, but small slow gaains if any, HGH on the other hand… way better.

basically, alot of money for not alot of bang in ghrp/igflr3 ect

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
A replacement dose of test (200mg/wk) + 200-400mg/wk of masteron.

Add 5-10mg dbol 40 minutes before MMA training and be amazed at your stamina.

3 x 100mcg /day of GHRP6 for connective tissue health/repair, feeling of wellness, improved sleep, added leanness, improved work output.


BBB, I am curious. We have seen that a replacement dose of Test works well with Tren as far as sides go, but why only a replacement dose of Test with Mast, which does not give the awful sides that Tren does?

ridiculous stupid ignorant question.

Automatically tells me you have no knowledge of combat sports, no experience as a combat athlete or any future in the sport.

There’s no “combat cycle” just as there’s no “combat training” protocol.

You have specific goals you train for and any PED’s you use have to be VERY specific taking into account not just you as a person, but your diet, nutrition, experience, etc…

So what are you doing - moving up a weight class or down?

Looking for body-recomp/Strength gains - recovery from injury etc…

It ALL has to be taken into acoount.

Take if from a man (me) whose been PROFESSIONALLY involve in MMA for 6 years (Muay Thai background).

Of course not only you but the numerous people who post these threads are the typical UFC-Affliction t-shirt wearing chodes who be all like “Yo! I wanna be like OVereem man! What drooogz do i take??”

No business in the sport and not business messing me PEDs.

IMO of course


(anyway, if there’s amything to “take home” from my rant - there is NO standard protocol for a combat athlete - learn the droogz and leran your sport and be CLEAR about your objectives)

i mean WTF you fucking tit - how the hell do you assume the needs of a “boxer” are anywhere near what the needs of a “wrestler” are? You have NO idea, if you just assume “duh… they all fighters duh, i mean duh”


[quote]WyldFlower wrote:

So what are you doing - moving up a weight class or down?

Looking for body-recomp/Strength gains - recovery from injury etc…
These were stated in the 1st post.
Everyone is sooooo tough and soooooo smart on the internet these days…

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