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I have tried for the past 8 years to create a physique that is inclined for skill in movement and various other qualities like balance, agility, speed and power. I basically studied my parents college anatomy books until i understood and to implement specific movement patterns. and train certain muscles for power full rotation, arm retraction, foot speed, hip control and intense stability exercises for every body part.

so I have been going at it since I was 12 making all the mistakes and fixing myself over and over again. I never had a mentor and no one ever taught me anything, i learned from the books and the internet and experience. I eat right with lots of fruts nuts grains greens and complex carbs hardly any meat. have i done good or do i have work to do?


Maybe it's just time to finally seek a qualified "mentor" ie..coach..etc. Who knows...that might be the only thing missing. Just be careful of "over-qualifying" yourself with information....find out specifically what works for you,bro.


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Color me confused. Not that that takes a whole lot these days. Lately I am about as sharp as a basketball.

First thing: brother, we all have work to do.

Now, from the above and your profile I am gathering that you are currently 20 years old(started at 12 and have 8 years of training), are employed by Power Plate in some capacity, and are a lean 140 lbs. If any of this is in error, please correct me.

I think answering the following may assist us in helping you.

1.) First, what exactly is your goal. I know you wrote "to create a physique that is inclined for skill in movement and various other qualities like balance, agility, speed and power.", but physique brings to mind aesthetic/form as opposed to ability. Whatever you are well practiced at is something your body is "inclined for skill" for. What is that something? Or is the goal to have the look/appearance of someone proficient at something? Again what is that something.

2.) You have stated that "no one ever taught me anything". So you have no formal or informal instruction in any fields specific or related to combat sport or exercise? Never had a coach for a sport or even a more knowledgable workout partner? If that is the case why?

3.) What is your background in the following:

A.) Sports: What have you played and when.
B.) School: Grade and if relevant course work completed.
C.) Your own training:  What do your workouts look like now? In the past?

4.) Where are you at with regards to your goals? It is impossible to make any assessment without knowing this.


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Ok bro, you want a serious response? Here it is.

Unless I'm missing something, you've never taken a hit, and you don't train to fight. I'll take someone who's been fighting with a coach for 2 years over someone who's been book learning about fighting for 8 years any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

And if there's no weight class? Sorry, I'm pretty sure your sole purpose in life was to serve as an example to others of what not to do.


and this is why you wont really know what your doing. I read and watch a ton of various martial arts books and videos but nothing comes close to learning from someone who has mastered their art. Go find a teacher who teaches what style you wish to learn and then see if what you do is good because I have a funny feeling your gonna get a rude wake up call.

One can learn things from videos and books but your fundamentals will be shit. A bad foundation makes everything else borderline useless.


Hahah, I actually started out like that. Had a kiddie karate background, knew some basic stuff about punching/kicking mechanics.

When I first discovered MMA I spent three years just mucking about with BJJ (rolling with my brother, who knew as much as me), and sparring with friends. Fancied myself a badass.

Then I took a BJJ class and realized otherwise.

The mucking around does help with your starting point. I got my blue belt within a year and was beating blues as a white within 6 months. Doesn't change the fact that despite all that shadowboxing and UFC-watching, I couldn't take a punch, couldn't box, wrestle or roll.