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Combat Loose Skin after Weight Loss?

Hi, its been around a year now since i have lost a total of around 34 kg in weight, yet it still looks like i have manboobs and alot of stretchy skin. its been a year since i have been bodybuilding and yet ma body is stil quite soft to touch and isnt hard as it should be. i do alot of heavy weights and plenty of rest yet theres still no difference.

does any1 know why this could be? or what i can do now to prevent this?

i am 17 years old by the way with around 16& body fat at 164 pounds. (74 kilos).

At 16% bodyfat you’ll still look somewhat soft. Plus, you’ve lost alot of weight in a relatively short time, so there might be some excess skin there.

You should either drop to lower bodyfat and then see if the problem persists, or see a specialist.