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Combat Lifestyle.com

Anybody ever check out this website?? Awesome pics. I know people are constantly bashing photographer Tracy Lee because of her looks and what nots…but WTF? Who gives a shit when she can take quality MMA-related pics with stories,etc.


Actually I love that shit i feel like a little groupy school girl when I look at it though. But i often find it motivating in a “that should be me” kinda way

I actualy think its her looks that gain her acess to most of the stuff she shoots.

she goes to almost every event- but really its about the photo-journaling that she posts
about the guy’s lives, fight camps, prep etc.

its good work.


She guest posts here and there on MMA blogs. Her life sounds awesome. She recently blogged about surfing in Hawaii and seeing Anderson out in the water with his board. Totally surreal.