Combat Exercises Article Update

Well I contacted TC and he is open to me writing an article on combat conditioning and submitting it to him for his approval. Also, I spoke to Matt Furey and he is cool with and just wants to see it before it goes to t-mag. I will try to get started on it this weekend and submit it to TC and Matt next week. thanks

Cool! Can’t wait to read it…right on!

Mike, you’re the man! I’m looking forward to seeing it posted in the near future. I appreciate your help in educating myself and others about combat conditioning and Matt Furey’s ideas.

Wassup, Nate Dogs. Man i tried cheerleading on thursday night. That shits hard. I had to learn how to throw girls up and catch them and i even tried a back tuck. Im so damn sore. This might be the ultimate in functional strength. The coolest thing was looking at the poonany while i had them in full extension. Cant wait to do it again.

Goldberg, I did this for 3 years in college, and it is a BLAST! I still miss it, and you’re right - it’s an extreme measure of functional body strength. Sure, I can think of a few things more difficult, but WOW! Have you done a toss-to-hands, yet? After you’ve done that, work on step-to-hands (actually, it’s easier than the toss). THEN, work on toss-to-extension! FUN FUN FUN

Goldberg, I’m jealous! You got to check out the poontang while you got a workout. What more can you ask for? I knew I should have gotten into gymnastics/cheerleading when I was younger! DAYUM!

I actually got toss to hands on my second try. then i did extension on my second try after that. i almost did a liberty but im not ready for that yet.

And I feel stupid. I was one of the idiots playing football on the field all that time when you guys were feeling up the cheerleaders. Lets see…you get to feel up hot girls, don’t have guys wanting to crush your ass, and don’t have to wear 35 pounds of equipment,…what the hell was I thinking??? Should have been a cheerleader! Naaaa…I enjoyed slaughtering the QB WAY too much!

Goldberg, congrats, man! That sounds like you’re moving really fast. If I may make a suggestion, go ahead and learn walk-to-hands, so you can start working on partner timing and body coordination. I’m not saying that toss-hands doesn’t require both of those things, but it allows for a bit more “user error” (i.e. - just muscling it up) than the technique-driven walk-to-hands. Once that becomes second nature, toss-hands is an after thought - and you get to start going after the fun tricks! Congrats again on your progress.

Whopper i played football in high school and had offers to play in college. I was team captain, most outstanding offensive lineman, and the weight lifting champ. I decided i was ready for something else. I was tired of the grind of playing football. I loved the games but practice just sucked too bad.