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Combat Core!


Diesel Crew has always put out some quality products, but this one is pure gold. I picked it up a while back but haven't seen a thread about it since so I figured it was about time.

Table of Contents looks something like this:

I. Introduction
II. Programs
III. Exercise Index (the bulk of the book)
1. Decline Series
2. Heavy Bag Series (some crazy sandbag stuff)
3. Braced Series (lots of medicine ball variations)
4. Extra Exercises (sledgehammer, leg lifts, throws, more than you can imagine)
5. Posterior Chain
IV. Conclusion
V. Workout Sheets

The sheer number of unique exercises here is worth it, but the big deal is how the "core" is treated. It's not the abs, or even the TA, obliques and rectus. It's the complete picture including the QL, spinal erectors, RA, lats, internal and external obliques, TA, multifidus, hip flexors and gluteals and the training in the book reflects it.

Good stuff, anyone else have it?




I have a copy and I like it. It was a little pricey in my opinion for what you get but it is good for my training resource library.


ive only just got round to reading it again & implementing it into my training schedule - i understand its all about the strength of movement patterns, but how do i define which exercise are which? (some are obvious though, ie. crunch is classified as torso loaded hip flexion, planks are anti-movements statics

id rather have seen the exercises in chapters of each movement pattern then “heavy bag” series etc.