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Combat Conditioning

Just wondering what peoples experiences were with Combat Conditioning. I’m 2 months into it and feeling reakin awesome. Looking foward to your replies.~Trance~

I got up to 400 squats per day and stoppd when my knees where hurting in a wierd way. It took about 2 weeks for them to feel better. I just do pushups, handstand and abs now.

My joints feel better & I like the fact I can workout anytime & virtually anywhere.BTW,I only do 250 or less squats per workout because of the same problem mb_iago experienced & I don’t Hindu Squat every day.

I do it every mornong for work, so in my personal time I prefer to just lift some old fashoned iron.

What about strength and speed??? Do you guys feel lighter from doing all this???

i got terrible tendinitis in my wrists from doing hand stand pushups.

so i take it that combat conditioning was not well recieved by the masses?

Combat conditioning is a good program that makes you more in tune to your body. Body weight stuff feels alot different from lifting weights and I liked how I gained more body awareness from stuff like handstand pushups and bridging. CC made me feel lighter, more flexible and more atheletic. Right now i’m experimenting with bulking with weights and cutting with cc… ill post results later.

Well, it’s not bodybuilding, but it would be a good option to cardio or when you don’t have access to weights. You aren’t going to get big and strong with bodyweight only. Great for endurance though.