Combat Conditioning Exercises

I’m now in a situation where a gym or weight training equipment will not be available to me. So I’ve decided to give Combat Conditioning a go.

The only thing is that I’m the type of person who needs a variety of different exercises and at varying diffuculties to see results. The article on T-Mag was great but lacked alot of different exercises. I tried browsing the forum archives, but that search didn’t turn up much either. I realize that there isn’t going to be a thousand different bodyweight exercises you can perform, but surely there has to be more than a handful. Can anyone with ComCon experience point me in a good direction here? Maybe name off a couple exercises with a brief description? Also what kind of programs have you all put together for flexibility? I might as well use this time to work on that as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

you might want to check out and check out the kettleballs and kb workouts. sounds like it might be something that you are looking for. good stuff

This link lists a few variations that might be helpful. I found it on

Read Bill Pearls-keys to the inner universe!

For heaps of bodyweight lower body stuff read Ian Kings limping series esp the first 2 articles, also with a limited amount of stuff and imagination you can do a lot of renegade type work.

There are allways the classics, pullups, pushups, dips and the variations. Pullups- change grips, wear a backpack for added weight. Pushups- elevate your feet on a chair change grip or hand placement. Dips- can be done in different ways, either on handles or parrallel bars, or on a counter or chairs(arms behind you, feet up in front of you on another chair.
Then there are handstand pushups, and you can curl and press, or deadlift just about anything heavy that you can grip decently and that is evenly weighted. Do one legged squats, King squats, frog leaps(stand with feet shoulder width appart, squat ass to ankles, and jump as high as you can, keep hands behind head like doing situps. If you have a good load bearing backpack with a snug hip belt(heavy duty camping pack) you can use it to add resistance to all of the obove exercises except handstand pushups. You can buy Matt Furey’s CC book for different ideas, alot of the exercises he recomends also help with flexibility. Those are my ideas, you were a little vague in your request as to your workout goals, and what kind of results you are trying to achieve so I just offered generic info, hope this helps.