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While the action looks pretty damn good, I am sick of seeing these bone-thin, non-physical looking waifs in these types of roles. Felt the same way about Salt.


Zoe Saldana looked painfully thin in The Losers. It was pretty distracting.


X 2 totally unbelievable that somebody that painfully emaciated could knock over a bowling pin much less a grown man.


I've seen more muscular women in rom-coms.


Ive have honestly seen more muscular women in nursing homes and they were bed ridden.


Hehe ! Now that's one for the original ideas pot. An action movie set in a nursing home.


HE was a man on the edge with NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE...

"eeeehh I just shit myself again!"

*gunfire, explosions"

...against a team of nurses with EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

"Mr. Williams you can't throw your bedpan at visitors!"

"eeehh YOU'RE NOT MY SON!"


"grandpa no!"


"eeehh!!!! nnnurse i think i'm having a heart attack!"


this film is not yet rated.


what the hell is that video?


I'd still put it in her butt


Bubba Ho-Tep =(

Sorry Roy =P


Sterling work!


I love Bubba Ho-Tep, but I was thinking more along the lines of Die Hard in a nursing home. They've done it nearly everywhere else (skyscraper, school, ship, plane, airport, train, bus, Alcatraz) but never in a way they can really mess with action movie tropes.

You could have a corrupt ex-politician about to make a deathbed confessional, but his colleagues want to silence him before he exposes them. They send in the usual crew of heavies but the janitor is naturally an ex-special forces operative ready to put a mop in the works.


hahaha ok, you got me. As long as it ain't Stevie Fuckin Segal I'm in! :wink:


How dare you, Sir!! Steven Seagal's stunt double is one of the most underrated actors ever.


Ermm.,..which one is it that runs like a girl?


Nobody runs like a girl quite like everyones' morbidly obese Aikidoka of choice. Except girls. So, Mr. Seagal handled all his own running scenes up until when he was diagnosed with a rare disease that meant prolonged chase scenes made him fatter:

He expands as he's running in this clip ^




that video...please take it down


Okay that was funny.