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Colucci Still Lifts



No worries I eat enough for both us this evening! You’ll be fine!


I appreciate your sacrifice. And a pre-emptive ‘thank you’ for the upcoming few weeks.


I feel you brother.

But then again, it’s just diet. At least you don’t have to down 6K Calories from clean food every day when dieting



Yeah man, that’s, um, that’s a real bummer.

Bagels are clean if they’re fresh from the bakery and not super-processed store-bought stuff, right? Right. I’d be golden.


Bagels are real expensive though, make them from scratch and save your money


Wrapped things up yesterday. Planning to enjoy the long weekend and it didn’t make sense to try dieting through it this close to the finish line, practically speaking.

Ended about 6 pounds below where I was last June and a half-pound where I ended last August, so that’s neat. I actually started this year about 5 pounds lighter than last year, so maybe it’s a wash, but still.

Current pics:

Jan to now. 209 to 194:

Hey so, um, I think we’re going to change the challenge rules so that only side profile pics are voted on, since that seems to be the only way I notice changes. Cool? Okay, cool.

For reference (and for the [lol] “Most Improved” category of the challenge), last June to now:

We had redecorated that room since last year, otherwise I’d’ve been able to take the pics there with the brighter wall and better lighting. Oh well.


Thoroughly enjoyed a pint of some small batch-type ice cream from a small NY-based company last night.

Figuring out the next steps headed to the August check-in and beyond. I’m thinking EDT for a while. I liked it way back when, with the autoregulation, solid conditioning aspect, and time-constrained sessions.


Figured I may as well keep this going, because why not. I do still lift, so no title change needed.

Wednesday’s morning weight: 203.6

Tuesday’s food:
9:00 - 2 scoops Mag-10 (during bike)

10:00 - 2 eggs, 3 slices deli turkey, 1 slice cheese, everything bagel; small coffee with stevia

1:00 - 2 scoops Metabolic Drive, half a banana, couple of strawberries

3:00 - Indigo-3G
3:30 - 1 scoop Plazma, 5g creatine
4:00 training - 1 scoop Plazma

6:00 - spaghetti, red sauce with beef and sausage; salad (lettuce, spinach, radish, turnip, carrot), balsamic vinegar

9:00 - 2 scoops Mag-10

Carbs are quite sufficiently back on the menu, but still scaling them back on non-lifting days.


Tuesday’s training:
30-minute morning bike - Tapered down from the 60-minute interval/steady state combo, to 45 minutes steady state, now sticking with just a quick and easy-ish 30 minutes pretty much every day.

Afternoon lifting:
A1) Floor press 15 min. EDT 55 reps
A2) Reverse incline neutral-grip row 55 reps

B) Reverse lunge 10 min. EDT 63 reps

Unilateral EDT was clinically proven to make time stand still. Just alternating sides nearly non-stop the entire time, 10 minutes feels like an hour and a half.


Saw a dog wandering off-leash and unsupervised across the street Monday afternoon. Usually when that happens, I recognize them from around the neighborhood and I’ll go out and shoo it towards home.

Didn’t remember seeing this guy before, so I wrangled him in with treats and got him into the porch since it was 95+ degrees out. He bit me on the thumb (I took that as a copout to take a few days off anyhow) and I named him Vampiro since he drew blood.

Unfortunately, the story does not have a happy ending.

He had tags on his collar (along with a current rabies vaccination, thankfully). I called the number and his owner showed up within a half-hour, so he’s home now.


Thursday’s morning weight: 205.5

Wednesday’s 4th of July food:
11:00 - 3 eggs, turkey, cheese, everything bagel; small coffee with stevia

4:00 - Bigass salad (Boston lettuce, turnips, turnip greens, beet greens, carrots), apple cider vinegar; steak, BBQ sauce; 2 baked potatoes with sour cream; grilled zucchini; 2 beers

6:00 - Pint of ice cream

8:30 - 2 scoops Mag-10, 5g creatine


Still doing stuff.

Training is a power clean day, a front squat day, and a chin/OHP day.

Nutrition is… um… I was recently introduced to cookie butter. Never had it before. Currently deciding if I can be preserved in a jar of it when I die.


Monday’s training:

A) Power clean 5,4,3,2,1,5

B) RDL 350 method

C) Poundstone curl 1x100

A bit over two months with this pared down training (“just” 3 days a week, relatively brief sessions), getting a little antsy for something new. Probably set to change things up at the end of the month.


Tuesday’s morning weight: 212.3

Monday’s food:

8:00 - 2 scoops Metabolic Drive in water, 2 scoops Superfood

10:00 - 5 eggs; cucumber, tomatoes, onion in apple cider vinegar; Spike drink nursed until around 1:00

2:30 - Indigo-3G
3:00 - 1 scoop Plazma, 5g creatine
3:30 training - 1 scoop Plazma

5:00 - Roasted chicken; roasted acorn squash with butter and maple syrup

9:00 - 2 scoops Mag-10

Also currently doing Sober October for the first time, so all brewskis, wine, and bourbon are on hold for the next few weeks. No biggie. Just a random challenge to keep vices in check, which is never a bad idea.


Wednesday’s training:

A) Front squat EMOM 20min.

B) Reverse lunge 2x15-20

C1) 2-arm hammer curl 3x8-15
C2) Alternating hammer curl 3xX
C3) 1-arm hammer curl 3xX

Front squat EMOM is slightly modified from a plan by US weightlifting coach Joe Mills. The weight is increased every five minutes/sets, so it ends up like 5x1 with each of four different weights.

Basic mechanical drop set for arms. Been working to fix the string beans with more frequent work.


Thursday’s morning weight: 211.2

Wednesday’s food:
8:00 - 2 scoops Metabolic Drive in water, 2 scoops Superfood

10:00 - Bigass sandwich (ham, turkey, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, horseradish, on multigrain bread)

1:00 - Small coffee, stevia; clementine

2:30 - Indigo-3G
3:00 - 1 scoop Plazma, 5g creatine
3:30 training - 1 scoop Plazma

6:30 - Stir-fry (chicken breast, Napa cabbage, bok choi, carrot, bell pepper, onion/garlic/ginger); white rice

9:00 - 2 scoops Mag-10



Calorie cycling for lean gainz, obviously. Been the default plan lately.

I did something funky to my shoulder a bit ago doing I-don’t-know-exactly-what, then acted like Dummy McStupidhead by ignoring it which ended up doing something to my neck, probably from compensating in a weird position. Haven’t had a good workout in like two weeks.

Mental/verbal note to get back into consistent, if not daily, LYTP raises. They feel good when I do them, so I should do them more, but I don’t do them.

For reference:


Likewise. They’re just so boring. Being injured and laid up is even more boring though…


In for '19.

Continuing the tradition, another favorite bodybuilding pic. Going more modern day for this year. Cedric McMillan. Just, damn.

Proper update with more info coming tomorrow. Long story short, shoulder has remained screwed up. I’ve been alternating between babying it and being pretty dumb. Headed to the doc next week for a general check-up and to have it looked at.


210.4 this year. One solid pound above the starting point last January, so… alrighty. Let’s see if it ends up another 15 pounds down by June, as per usual, or if I can make a bigger (literal) dent.

My right shoulder’s been audibly clunking since, like, the beginning of November. Still can’t remember any specific cause. Pain with anything straight overhead and extremely limited external rotation. NG or ring chins are out, 1-arm DB presses are iffy. Putting on a shirt or jacket’s been tender. At one point, I tripped walking up some stairs (wish I could say that alone was a rarity. Spaz.) and caught myself instinctively by bracing on that arm. I literally saw stars and got nauseous.

Basically been throwing a ton of stuff at it to see what sticks. High-rep LYTP raises, all sorts of pullaparts (especially palms-up pullaparts with a pause), limited ROM scaption raises, whatever I can think of. Interspersed with that is the occasional “Let’s see if I can barbell OHP for just some light and easy high reps” or, worse and dumber, “Let’s do stuff until there’s pain, then we’ll stop.”

Headed in for my yearly physical next week, so I’ll see if he can narrow down something more. Anywho… back at it.