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Colts vs. Bucs

As a lifelong Chiefs fan, and a Colts fan since the age of 5, I’ve been a very happy man over this first month of the NFL regular season. However, this week will be the ultimate test for Dungy and the Colts.

Tampa Bay has shown that they can be beaten by teams with a solid defense and running game, which the Colts have. They’ve also got a great passing game and one of the best special teams in the league. Dungy also knows the Tampa Bay defense inside and out, which should give the Colts a huge advantage.

The only downside for Indianapolis is that the Bucs D has already more than proven itself, while the Colts’ has just begun to do so. So what do you guys think? Are the Colts the real deal, or will Tampa Bay be the team to finally stop them?

On a sidenote, the Chiefs are facing the Broncos this weekend while both teams are 4-0. It should be a great match-up, but as long as Holmes is strong it will be no contest.

The Colts will win, provided Edgerrin James is playing. They need a balanced attack against Tampa to prevent their defense from blitzing Peyton a lot. The problem with Tampa is that their offense isn’t good. If the Colts can prevent turnovers, it will be a lopsided victory in my opinion.

On a side note, I’ve got Manning on my fanatasy team. Last week was awesome.

The Bucs will win this one. They are coming off their bye week and have had two weeks to prepare for this one. Peyton Manning is gonna have an awful game, Tampas D is gonna kill him. Edgerin James isnt gonna be able to run and Tampa wont score a ton of points but they will put up enough to win and to cover the spread, trust me.