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Can’t understand it. I just read all the comments on Colostrum (just started using it) but seems like it isn’t doing anything for anyone. BUT THE QUESTION IS - how much did you use? The pills will nowhere give you the 20g studies are based on. Anyone use 20g. I’m using Twinlabs powder (20g/scoop). Anyone try it? Need dosage and TIME on usage. Thanks.

There is (or was) an audio interview on this site in which the person being interviewed (not king or poloquin) talks about supplement research that he had done. During the conversation the interviewee mentions that he takes colostrum from australia as there is evidence that it works. I tracked down the site for that colostrum and it is intact.com.au They can probably give you more details (their stuff is not cheap)

You have to use the correct kind of colustrum “first milking”. If it’s not first milking colostrum chances are it won’t do a whle lot for you.

Intact colostrum/Intact Protein is sold by GNC. Most studies that show ANY benefit for athletes have been at a whopping and expensive dose of 60 grams per day. GNC will be coming out with a combo colostrum whey product that should be cheaper and give you the benefit of a higher dose. I like theSymbiotics brand as well.

If GNC is selling someone’s else’s products then it may be OK, but in my experience supplements made by GNC (under the GNC label or one of their aliases) are not of the highest quality, and I would avoid them.

The studies pretty much all use 60g of colostrum per day. At $60 bucks for a box of 20 packets (each containing 12g of colostrum), youve gotta do a cost benefit analysis. There have been a whole bunch of austrailian studies using the GNC Intact Product and these have shown mixed results. The studies are very well done and shown that in very good athletes (university and elite), this stuff pretty much universally helps with vertical jump and anaerobic power,esp sprining and repeated bouts(modest increases). There are usually no increases in lean mass or circulating IGF1 but never the less there seems to be an ergogenic effect for strength and esp power athletes.