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any of you tried this stuff/heard any good things about it? i've read some stuff which makes it seem good, but then it could be a gimmick.



Is it real COLOSTRUM (s/p?)---dude, do you realize what that is? Really, it's what comes out of a woman's breast right after she has a baby and is about to start producing milk for her infant. Are they really trying to market this stuff???????????????


lmao no way.. that is just wrong.

this is the blurb:

Colostrum (NZ) is a dairy protein from milk taken in the first 48 hours after calving and includes colostrum. Colostrum is an exceptional natural food prized by many cultures for thousands of years. Our Colostrum is 20% igG.

Research has shown that the immune and growth factors in dairy colostrum and early season milk from cows are nearly identical to human. Dairy colostrum is not species specific and works effectively in humans and other animals.


If I remeber, there is abit of information on colostrum if you search the T-Nation archives. However this information is kind of old.


Oh god!Now we're gonna have bodybuilders injecting Colostrum into their veins! Haha!