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With all the protein debates going on, I noticed no one has brought up the new colostrum products. I’d be interested to know your opinions on these.

Personally, I’ve been very impressed with the results that both my mother and I have had with colostrum, but I don’t know that I’d buy it for weight training related reasons. My mother has a whole fistful of autoimmune problems and my ANAs and C3 were way out of range… colostrum has made us both feel significantly better. However, I certainly didn’t notice any benefit in my workouts that don’t correlate with overall better health. Give it a try though…

Hi James. About a year ago, Tim Patterson mentioned colostrum and suggested that it produced good results, although he only recommended one source. This particular source is located in Brisbane, Australia, and the stuff is VERY expensive. It seems to work, though. For my fellow Aussies out there who can’t import the likes of Methoxy 7 and Androsol (heck, we can’t even import Grow!), it may be worth paying 70 bucks (+ shipping) for a 1lb container that will last you two weeks (according to the label directions). If anyone out there tries (or has tried it), I’d like to hear about it.