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Colostrum for digestion?

There are some websites that advertise Colostrum as a cure all for digestive (Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac etc) and immune disorders.
Have any of you had a positive effects from Colostrum?
The last two weeks my stomache has been extremely bloated and I’ve had a lot of abdominal pain. Doc took some tests which came back okay, but more may be necessary. I think everything is just inflammed. I think it may be related to a month on effervescent creatine. Alka Seltzer type products are meant to be taken for long periods of time and I think it could be why I’m in pain.
I’ve started taking the colostrum and just wondering if there is any success stories out there on taking it for health (I don’t think it turned out to be a good bodybuilding supplement). I’m going to take a fiber supplement and acidopholous too. I’m very reluctant to go for any more tests, as my experience has been that doctors will stick something up or down you, tell you you have IBS, or Colitis, and say there’s nothing they can do but prescribe anti-inflammatories to reduce symptoms.

I am quite disappointed in Colostrum. I tried different forms (tablets, I took it sublingual, and powder, I mixed it with whey). Have not felt anything. Got cold, upset stomach during trial time. Maybe (just maybe) higher doses help, but I think I won’t try it.
Have you tried Ginger root? Works wonders for me when I need to calm my stomach. Also, activated charcoal tablets are effective in reducing bloating.
Good luck.