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Colostomy Surgery (No Large Intestine) and AAS


this something i should have brought up before i even started asking about oral cycles or any cycle for that matter. i had ulcerative colitis (ulcerative colitis effects the large intestine only) i had a colostomy surgery recently (haven't done aas since). I want to know (having trouble finding info on it) if oral aas (dbol, anadrol, anavar, t-bol or winni) are absorded in the large or small intestine and if different ones are absorbed in different sections of the intestine.

If any absorption takes place in the large intestine people like myself are only going to get partial effects for the steroid. any ideas anyone?


hi mate, ill try and answer your question and then ask you some of my own, please feel free to reply via PM if you dont wish to answer them in a public forum.

First, your question;

I currently have a friend who is suffering from bi-lateral sacroilitis (inflammation of the SIJ's)it is supposed at this point by the medical team he has been treated by, that the condition is Ankylosing Spondylitis, however a recent appointment with a prominent specialist has cast a big shadow of doubt on this.

A series of MRI scans revealed the inflammation of the SIJ's and also several bowel loops. For interest, his family has a history of bowel problems such as IBS, ulcerative collitus, Krohns etc and he has also tested positive for the hbla-27 gene.

Back to topic anyway, he has a relatively broad experience of Steroids and has found that he can tolerate no more than 7days of oral steroids before the inflammation becomes to excessive and painful, though the pain is transferred to his glutes and occasionally sciatic-nerve. As of this moment, investigations of the bowel, intestines etc have not been made as he is not willing to have examinations involving his asshole lol.
So i am not definitlty saying that oral steroid use will cause you problems but ask you to edge on the cautious side, especially if you are still the proud wearer of a collostomy bag, or have not fully healed from the surgery.
Hope this helps.

Now for my questions if thats okay as none of the guys friends or family are able to convince him to just bite his tongue and take a camera up the ass.

1) did you suffer from any pain in the glute or hip area whilst your condition was flared up?

2) how was your diagnosis made? i.e - MRI's, examinations, barium enemas etc?

3) Have you found any dietary alterations which eased your symptoms?

4)Any ideas (unlikely i know) what caused your condition to come on at your youthful age?

As i said, anything you are not cool with answering, please pm me, or of course if you dont want to answer totally understandable.

Thanks in advance, Testanabol.


Good day, thank you for responding. I have to get one thing straight first. The automatic spell checker caught me off guard until now. I had and iliostomy procedure. That is two stages of surgery.

1st stage is they cut out my hole large intestine, then they cut off 2 feet of good small intestine and make a small fist size pouch out of it and put and entrance tube on one end(this hooks up to the small intestine)and an exit tube (which hooks up the the rectom)Then fit me with a colostomy bag. I was like this for 4 months while the new pouch that they made for me healed (during this time the pouch was attached to my rectom already and the other end to my stomach lining so it wouldn't float around). So during this time I have some blooding discharge and bile from the pouch naturally excreting fluid.

After the four months healing I had stage 2 surgery. This time they took the colostomy bag off and tucked it back into my stomach and hooked it up to the pouch. This pouch is now like and new colon, just alot smaller. It took about 12 to 18 months for the body to get used to and for the small intestine to learn to absorb more because of no larg intestine. The pouch absorbs very little so now my small intestine absorbs everything. If i eat while I drink it makes food go through too fast. I can eat a pretty big meal but my digestion time is down to 6 hours average (if I eat at 1pm its out by 7pm). I do go to the bathroom average of 6 to 8 times a day if I eat 5 or 6 meals a day.

On the your questions.
1) Yes I did have pain in the hips and glutes when it was flared up. I was on prednisone for 12 years out of 14 I had the disease. (thats a corticostol steroid) I forget how to spell it, but its the other catibalic kind of steroids.

2)The doctor in Toronoto took biopsies (tissue samples of the ulcerative intestine) and analysed them in a lab, I have a scope down my throat the check small intestine and one up my butt to check the larg intestine (i do one up the butt every year to make sure the pouch is in good working order), and I also had 3 barium enamas and one ultra sound. All results pointed to Ulceratice colitis.

3) Now that I have the pouch I need to stay away from nuts, seeds, vegetable skins, white bread, white pasta and white rice (I can eat brown/whole wheat stuff, I can't eat spicy food or refined sugars. So I eat good natural food (all meats, vegetables without skin, banana's only for fruit, yams, peanut butter and I can tolerate protien powders and I can eat all the eggs I can handle.

Before my sergery I have ate mostly fish, chicken, vegies, fruits and lots of fibre for colon health. I was on 4 prednisone a day and 14 accicole (not sure if thats how is spelled) for 13 years straight.

4) There is no actual known cause of it but recently there has been a connection with msg, certain additives in some foods like formaldehyde, chlorine dioxide, trans fats, and other human made additives that kill all the bacterias in your stomach.

I do recomend to everyone who has this as i have a lot of close friends that are sick with it, that probiotics and preboitics are taken (preferable via up the butt ) so they go right to the area but atleast by mouth, a good liquid vitamin, and eat as much fish as you can and supplement with fibe. This is what some of my friends who have crohns, colitis, Irritable bowl sindrom. I'm not a doctor but I've lived it and if I knew then what I know now I would have used my diet and bacterial supplementation and excercise to help heal it. I'd be happy to answer anyother questions (or at least try) Remember i'm not a doctor but I lived with this for many years.


Thankyou that is very helpful, i just gave him a call and emailed him the link to this page so hopefully he may listen to, as you say, 'someone who has lived it' so again many thanks.

I have recently ordered him some homeopathic soil organisms which i want him to try, these are all related to the pre/pro biotic forte and have apparently been useful and treating the variety of diseases common to the sacroialic inflammation, eg, Krohns, UC, AS and EA, i think by controlling the production of the klebsiella bacterium, created in the colon in resposse to starches.

Are there any pre/pro biotic supplements you reccomend in particular, obv living in the UK i cant tell him to buy what you get if it's standard supermarket stuff but an online supplier or brand would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, Testanabol


A local pharmacey in my town makes them up in supostory form. My pharmacist said any pharmacey that makes medicaitons or herbs should be able to recomend a good amount (size of dose) even if he wants oral form instead of supository form.

It's really a matter of trial and error. It did take a good year or so of trying different formulas and ways of delivery. I'm not quite sure of the actual amouts of bacteria in the supository but he said its at least twice the amount in forms you'd buy from stores over the counter.

THere is also calcium, Vit. K and fibre in them as well as these are what I was lacking the most. Keep me posted on how he does or what he decides to do.


Most drugs are absorbed primarily in the small intestine. Oral steroids must dissolve before absorption can occur, so dissolution rate determines availability of the drug for absorption.

Dissolution, if slower than absorption, becomes the rate-limiting step. Also, Intestinal transit time can influence drug absorption, particularly for drugs that are absorbed by active transport, that dissolve slowly or that are polar (ie, with low lipid solubility).


Would it be absorbed better you think if it was taken on an empty stomach or with food? I have taken immodium for (you know why) and it always seems to give me a bit of a stomach ache.

I was always wondering if taking immodium say 30 or 45 minutes before taking (say dbol) would help absorption by slowing down how fast it travelled through the intestine? Any ideas?


Honestly i think your best bet is to either turn your powder into an injectible or if you dont have access to oral powder, than crush the tablets up using a mortar/pestle and attempt to have it dissolve under your tongue, and swallow the rest. I believe loperamide would not SIGNIFICANTLY improve absorption, but I DO NOT know for fact.


You could disolve it into a solution. That way there would be less time for the powders to break down / press pills.

I am sure someone here would know a way for that to happen.


I know some medications can't be dissolved becasue stomach acid will eat it up before it gets into the intestine to be absorbed. Anyone know if thats the case with Oral aas


Dont know your whole stort obviously other than what we discussed above about the UC, but would it not be better to just follow an injectable cycle, something simple such as testosterone only for 12 weeks?

This way there would be no concern about absorption or irritation to your digestive system.



You missed the part about the OP not being able to inject due to skin grafts following being badly burned as a child.


this may or may not help.
if you find some testosterone base, you could make a solution from that and take it under the tongue
not much is actually swallowed,and you would be taking it as often as you would any oral but you would not have to worry about any distress because you wouldn't be swallowing that much,if any at all.


I do distinctly remember a rather intelligent chap i know talk of melting down a hard boiled sweet, i.e jolly ranchers, adding in the test base powder and allowing to reconstitute, some relation between sugar and absorption via the mucal gland/s.
How much of the testosterone would make it into circulation i do not know, but i imagine that eating perhaps one sweet per half hour to an hour would provide a steady even flow of what does get absorbed.
However, if this method was a viable option i would reccomend regular appointments with your toothbrush lol

Apologies about my other post, i had an inkling that there was a legitimate reason injections were not an option but was not certain, perhaps if i had taken the time to look...lol

All the best