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Colossus and Angel


So, apparently Colossus has a bigger part in the new X-men movie. I thought he seemed like a pretty cool character from the 5 seconds he got in the last movie, but I've never REALLY read the comics. I knew that Wolverine was cool, and that I liked Nightcrawler, but don't know much otherwise.

Colossus seems interesting to me from what I've seen so far and looked up online. Tell me more about him. Why is he cool? And as for Angel...he does NOT seem interesting. Honestly, angel wings just seem fucking retarded to me. Is there a reason why this character is getting the billing it is, and more importantly, a higher billing than colossus or even Juggernaut(with a capital J as it should be)? Just curious and interested.


I for one could never figure out the infatuation fans had with the Angel character. And of course Colossus was my favorite, so he got his ass kicked just about every issue he fought in. I guess I can't pick'em.


I am not the comic book expert here, but the one who is should reply eventually. I do know that Angel goes through A LOT of changes in the series to the point that he essentially becomes a more demon like creature later on. There is an infatuation with him because when he first appears, people think he is a true angel. He helps people and flies away. While I was never really that into comics either, I skim very well and very quickly. That comes in handy when visiting the occasional comic store and standing there reading a few issues every once in a while.


Angel as he appears later on after "the change".


That too. I can understand why they waited on Beast. I think they were looking to make it appear more realistic at the start. They succeeded and a blue furry guy in the first movie might have hindered that.


Let me explain why you would think that.

In all seriousness, I wasnt a big fan of Angel until the series where he was destroyed and rebuilt. As a kid the last thing that you'd expect is for a long time superhero to get destroyed. Angel, for the first time in his life, hits some new personal lows which brings out a great storyline.


Don't you mean original five X-men?

  1. Beast
  2. Cyclops
  3. Angel
  4. Ice Man

and the first issue has ... 5. Jean Grey (aka Marvel Girl) joining the squad.

...or you could say that Professor X is the 5th X-man and Jean Grey is the sixth.

Dan "Pedantic Dork" McVicker


Umm...Ok...so he was one of the first x-men, and later went through some changes. Standing next to a huge blue guy like Beast, a guy with an adamantium skeleton and retractable claws, a guy that shoots whatever kinda beams out of his eyes, a girl that SERIOUSLY controls the weather, and a girl with some impressive telepathic powers...well...onscreen, a pair of wings just aren't that interesting. i mean...does he do more than have wings? Wings in this context just seems lame. What can you really do with wings? Even Cheney could probably shoot this guy outta the sky. I hope this movie explains it for me, 'cause right now, I don't understand this characters appeal, particularly given EVERYONE else around him. Is it a matter of rooting for the underdog or something?


It DOES get better than this right? Please?


Now you are just getting irritating. The comics were never just about who has the most powers. The shit has lasted for decades because it was truly like a soap opera with drawn images. It was about the CHARACTERS, not just what they all do. Spiderman would have been shit if it was JUST about what he could do. It caught on because he was a nerdy guy who found justification in being that character.

After his "change", however, Angel's wings shoot out blades stronger than Wolverine's skeleton. Hopefully that is enough for you. Maybe you should just avoid the movie?


Speaking of the 3rd movie, I've seen the preview before several films I've gone to recently, and I'm just wondering:

There's a female who walks toward the metal "X" door that typically leads to Cerebro, and it is blasted away from her as she approaches it.

Who is this character? That seems like a Magneto move...


Looked like Jean Grey, she has telekinetic abilities and now she has a lil powerup....


The original X-men fought as a team. Although Angel doesn't seem all that interesting in terms of what he can do, the X-men worked together, combining their powers. As someone stated before, he was one of the original X-men. From what I remember about the comic book (involving Angel) he was pretty much the only one who could fly in the original X-men. Jean Grey had telekinetic and telepathic powers that could help "fly" and Ice-man could create ice bridges. Beast and Cyclops were just stuck on the ground. So it was a good mix of characters.

When Apocalypse took Angel "under his wing," he was transformed into Archangel. I'm guessing that the movie is going to show this event if they are putting such an emphasis on Angel. As Archangel he has "metallic" wings that shoot blades, and he can also retract them.

If they do put such an emphasis on Angel then I hope they put an equal emphasis on Psylocke who, in the comic book, is Angel's woman (can't remember if they get married or not). And if they put an emphasis on Psylocke then I hope they put an emphasis on Excalibur from Great Britain (but then that would probably be asking too much).

My all time favorite X-man has always been Wolverine though. Not because of his adamantium claws and skeleton (that should get ripped out soon if they make an X-men 4) but because of his super fast healing power. I still have my old collection of trading cards. The 1990 set has a card of Wolverine and on the back is a "Did you know?" fact that says "Wolverine is actually over 80 years old but because of his fast healing powers he ages very slowly."

Hope that helps a bit.



Angel was pretty much a marginal character - imagine Brad Pitt with wings - that was Angel - in the original comics he was the blond, trust fund playboy who just happened to be a mutant. He bounced around a bunch of teams before he finally rotated back to the X-Men at around the time of the "Mutant Massacre" (Uncanny 209-213) He got crucified by these Mutant killing bounty hunters called the Marauders (that storyline would make a kick ass X Men movie installment) at which he was brought back to life by Apocalypse and became the Archangel - which is an infinitely cooler character.

Colossus, like a lot of the other characters is badly cast - in a perfect world he should look like Dolph Lundgren in the Punisher and talk like Drago. And contrary to opinion, he didn't get his ass kicked in every book. In fact, the only guy who legitimately kicked his ass one on one was the Shi'ar Imperial Guardsman Gladiator. In Uncanny 183 he goes toe to toe with Juggernaut and pretty much holds his own. Also, Kitty Pryde is his woman and should not be fucking with Iceman as they show in the trailer. That is just plain wrong. Their love story was a whole saga that spanned most of the 80's X-books.

The juiced up Jean Grey in X3 is clearly an allusion to the Phoenix story line that began in Uncanny 101 and culminated in the epic Dark Phoenix saga of issues 129-137 (possibly the greatest single storyline series in Comics history. They drop a massive hint at the end of X2, you can clearly make out the phoenix symbol in the water at the end of the movie. Hell the ending itself is straight out of Uncanny 100.

It just seems like they are taking bits and pieces of historic X-men story lines and making one movie out of it. Which kinda sucks - the whole Phoenix/Dark Phoenix angle alone would make an epic X-flick and much more interesting than this mutants v. the world angel they seem to be giving us for X3.


More on Jean Grey (Phoenix):




Colossus is poorly cast? The kid looked near perfect for the role to me. A little lean, sure, but getting an actor who could completely fit the bill would be damned near impossible.

As it is, they got someone who's 6'8", pretty built, and looks like the character. All in all, not a bad job. He looked fine in his very brief appearance in the 2nd flick. I'm sure he'll do fine in this one.


It is Jean Grey. She wasn't "killed" in X2 like everyone thought. If you pay attention to the end where the camera is panning over the lake, you'll see a "winged shape" under the water.

This is the Phoenix Force, which "resurects" Jean and increases her powers.

Jean will be back in the movie with these increased powers, and probably some serious mental issues since the Phoeinix ultimately makes her go insane.


I must say this current line of x-men films have pissed me off. First of all, how can this be the last x-men movie? They not included some of the coolest characters from the comic books. HOW IN GOD'S NAME CAN THEY NOT INCLUDE GAMBIT? It would have been alot cooler to develop a story line around apocalypse. What about Bishop? Sinister? rougue was not even the same character she was in the comic books. How are they just introducing Jubilee and Beast? These comic books were a big part of my childhhood and the movies have been a little disappointing. They should stop trying to please the mass audience and write for comic book fans.


I'm pleased with the Colossus choice and hope an increase in screen time doesn't mean he'll get a full 30 seconds now.

Angel... if his transformation is part of the movie, I'll be happy with.

Biggest dissapointments in casting have been:

Magneto - tooooo old
Sabertooth - just awful

BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT IS OMEGA RED! Take a lesson from Rocky 4, no movie series is complete without a giant, russian, ass-beating machine.