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Colorized Historical Photos



colorizing is ok, but to me, it sometimes lessens the impact of a black & white photo.


Did you read the comments below? The sexual assault argument made me go into an internet rage. Really cool pictures though.


I was relieved when I finally read "Tacos are a superfood".


This one wasn't colorized.

This was taken last week.


Wocka wocka!

Awesome thread btw, thanks for the link. Those old time movie star ladies was purty!


I cannot tell if I like the B&W or colorized version of the H-bomb testing.


Elizabeth Taylor and Aubrey Hepburn are fine.


Cool thread.

This pic of Lewis Powell, Conspirator in the Lincoln assassination from 1865 is unreal. A beatnik 100 years before it was cool. He would'nt look out of place on the cover of some magazine today.


Wow, that's bizarre. When I was scrolling, I was wondering why you posted a modern photo in this thread.

I appreciate the artistic impact of black and white, but seeing all of these photos with color just makes it a lot more "real" for me. I seem to relate better to the colorized versions.


The story is good enough to repeat it.

When the movie "The Grapes of Wrath" came out it was shown in the Sowjet Union to demonstrate how bad the working class was treated in the US.

It was pulled soon after because the reaction was:

"Wait a minute !? They have cars?? When it does not work out in one place they can just pack their things and leave??? "

So, even then, being poor in America did not mean what it meant in other places.

"The American way of life, less shitty than most others" just does not have the same ring to it.


Also, the men, body language.

Not one emo among them.


Slightly off track but along the same vein are these two clips seperated by 100 years of Market Street San Francisco. Pretty cool...


Yeh its pretty cool how 'now' he looks. I had to take a second look myself. Colour really brings some of these photos to life.