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Colored Contacts


Anyone here use colored contacts?

Ive been thinking of using them and changing my boring, plain, everybody has, brown eyes to blue.

Id like to hear everybody's opinions on the subject and also I'd like to hear from those who actually use them!


Couldnt upload it by editing..


I actually had some chick walk through my lane one time with cat-eye contacts in. Freaked me the fuck out for a second or two before I figured out what was up.


Some years back, I had fun with both blue and hazel (preferred the latter but neither looked exactly natural, of course) and I would encourage you to go for it.


Did they ever bother your vision?


try to figure out why you think you need change.


Was this suppose to be an insult or advice? I'm not sure to flame you or answer honestly.


I totally thought that this was gonna be a thread initiated by a bigot about networking with racial minorities.


Too funny.

My eyes are hazel, I tried "natural" green colored contacts once and they were exactly the same color as my natural eye color - even down to the brown centers and green rings.

They felt oversized and uncomfortable, and I didn't buy a pack of em.


Colored contacts on men are pretty fucking gay.

I think they're lame on chicks, as well, though.


I tend to disagree, if it looks natural and make you looks better how is it gay or lame? I tend to think its just like choosing a new hat, haircut, clothes to make you look better.

Not like im trying to look like those queers everybody posts pictures of that are fully tanned and all have the same haircut.


Make sure you get eye shadow to match.


Actually, the green will pop more if he uses a purple or navy. Depending on his coloring, he might look good in grays as well.


i never think they look natural or good...so my vote is no...

and if it was me personally, as a man...a definite no


It's closer to wearing makeup than wearing a new hat, I would say.


Well there you go. Add a purse and some shoes and you should be all set.


Ehhh I've known a few girls who got the "natural" blue ones, I thought it just looked dumb. If I saw a guy with them I'd probably think he was gay.

But hey if you like em who gives a fuck.


I personally am not a fan.
If you like them go ahead but brown to blue is a drastic change and usually doesn't look very natural.


I don't understand how eye color doesn't look natural. I can see contacts that are wacky, with stars and designs in it. But the only thing is is that it would look different, not unnatural. Try them out and see how they look.


I have the natural green or green enhancer ones. My eyes have naturally a tortoise shell look to them so the contact just cleans the look up.