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Colorado Terrorist Planned Attack on 9/11


9/11 2009 that is.

Good work by the police and FBI.


This was probably the attack referenced by the Taliban back in May.


Great job to all those who foiled this clown. This guy is beyond fucked.


and his a-hole attorney says no traces of any explosives were found. What about this? from the same article:

“Over the summer, he and three associates went from one beauty-supply store to another in a Denver suburb buying chemicals to make explosives like those that killed dozens of people in transit bombings in London and Madrid, investigators said”

wouldn’t the supplies be traces of explosives, if thats what they were being used for and had been in the past in Madrid and London?


Great work by our counterterrorism units. I’m surprised this didn’t come up more.

Being in the New York area, I’m going to have to develop a when-shit-hits-the-fan plan.