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I know there'a lot of guys and few ladies from CO that post on this forum. Just curious as to where exactly everyone's from and what their current exercise routines are.

I moved to Littleton in March of '04 and work as a Sports Editor for a group of weekly newspapers. I'm 26 and have been lifting for 8 years. I currently weigh 198 pounds and bodyfat would be around 10-12% if I had to guess. I'm currently in Week 2 of CW's ABBH I program.

I think if we were serious about getting together as a group, T-Nation could possibly hook us up with a sweet guest speaker and maybe if we behaved real good, some free merch.

Let's get the ball rolling guys, and gals.


What's up, buddy!
I'm holding down the fort in Fort Collins (so sorry for the pun).
Work at the number one gym in the city ("Pulse") which I love very much. I'm currently revamping my training program which consists mostly of "body builder-type" lifting and some cardio/martial arts practice. Currently weigh around 190 at 5'11. Probably on the younger side at 24 yrs.

I'm totally down with having a T-party. And I can never have enough free supps and alphamale shirts!:slight_smile:



Checking in from Littleton as well.

I'm doing CW's TBT and fine tuning the diet/cardio thing now. First month showed slow progress (2lbs fat loss, maintained LBM) so I'm aiming at being more accountable this second month and make better gains...er... losses. The big dilemma now is choosing which gym to drop... :wink:

For a get together, I like the idea of checking out Biotest HQ down in the Springs. Then maybe having a little activity (obstacle course sounds fun) followed by a bunch of charred flesh and brew.


Im up here in Fort Collins too. Im a freshman at CSU. Im a noobie in the lifting game though.


From Arvada.

I've been doing EDT for the past 8 months, and been doing a see food diet. I'm ready for a change, so I'm starting WSFSB next week.

A get together sounds like a hell of an idea.


Aurora here.


What's up, ram! How 'bout them Buffs!? Hehehe.:slightly_smiling:



funny really... anyone else want to rub salt into the wound?


Yeah, they damn near got their butts kicked by a team of student athletes with half their budget....


I'm an FSU grad myself, but I watched the CU-CSU game and thought it was very entertaining. I was pulling for the underdog, CSU, so was kind of bummed they fell apart in the fourth. Still a great game, though.

Anyway, any other CO natives out there?


Just graduated from CU in May (haha Ram fans...), working as a strength coach now in Lakewood at a private facility with my buddy. From Wheat Ridge originally where my parents still live, I have a place on the Lakewood/Littleton boundary on Bowles.


Born & raised in a little one-horse town on the western slope.


Born and raised here in Pueblo Colorado. 30 years old, been lifting for most of my life...I'm also down for a get together, sounds like a rockin' good time. My workout right now is a four day on, one day off program. Let's get this going!


I'm in Greeley, but only till November


I'm down.


I'd be a gamer if everyone really wants to. We should def have some stuff to do, weather it's strongman/lifting/biotest checkout, whatever. Could be fun to meet some new peeps.



Oh ya, I'm a rammie to, all you boulder guys can pound sand. :slight_smile:


I'm assuming if/when we have this get-together, it'd be on a weekend, right?


I would assume so.

Activities: Prioritize (and add or elaborate) what you'd like to do:

Strongman type stuff

O - course/Agility stuff

Moderate hiking/climbing in the foothills

BBQ - or hit a restaurant

Hang at a bar/club and simply be social

Bear in mind that weather can be capricious 'round here so it'd be best to have a Plan A and Plan B.


I like the Strongman and restaurant ideas, but I'd like to throw in the suggestion of a training seminar as well.

Karma, did you get any of the PM's I sent you?