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hey i see everybody all over starting t-cells and having a great time. i was wondering if there are any other t-men or t-vixens in colorado that would like to have a t-cell. after all WE are the home of BIOTEST! you would think that we would have one. any takers?


I'm in Socal but would be willing to travel to CO if one ever formed out that way. Seems to be the closest one to me so far.


I am in the Springs.


I don't live in Colorado but whenever I finally decide to visit my insane relatives in Arvada you guys for damn sure better be having get-togethers while I'm there or else it'll be your ass, buddy!


Hey Brad, we're only 16 hours away! C'mon over!

I'm all for a Colorado T-Cell. It was tried once... and failed misearbly. The idea is certainly worth reconsidering, though.


I'm in.


yeah since i'm getting my car in a week i will be able to drive down there more. hey ~k~ how did it fail so bad? no one show up? thats cool that we could get some people from cali too! hey melissa eather you or i will have to talk to the bio test gang and see if they would like to join us. if not like i said before i'll hang all 3 of them on a hook on a wall hehehe. i think elitches would be fun! ok so far who all wants to come? ~karma~, me, melissa, bradtgif, icarus, chrismic, any one else?


Bohdi is in CO isn't he?


Jolly: You pretty much nailed it. We had 6 or 7 people "committed" to showing up and I was the only one that did. Bastards!

I would suggest though, if we are going to all get together, we might want to follow the other's example and start with a simple plan. Dinner. If people don't want to spring for some activity or whatnot, they'd be more likely to show up for food. Plus, it gives us a chance to actually talk to eachother and get to know eachother instead of just racing to be the next to puke after taking a 200ft. drop. Having become acquainted first, playing is more fun.


"IF" we go to Elitch's I have some of those buy one get on free dealies on admission, so the hit would be about half.

Dinner sounds like a better idea to start things off.

I guess we need to figure out who is where (Denver, C. Springs, Pueblo, Yuma, etc.) and find the best place to meet (aka "The Middle")


hey ~karma~ that sucks i'm sorry. and you make a good point. lets make it a dinner thing and go from there. one reason i thought melissa's idea about eletches would be good is if we are going to have people come from out of state to make it more fun. but like i said good point. dinner sounds good and who knows if people feel up to it we could do something from there. i can't believe that all 6 didn't go. especialy to see you in person. yeah yeah i know i can't spell worth shit.
i hope that this will turn out better. melissa got to move out of this little town into the springs but like i said once i get my car i can go out there more. and believe me i will after all i grew up in aurora.


hey if its the middle, i bet that the springs would be the best. plus theres is soo many places to go and to see.


ugh.... my ex-fiance is from La Junta...


realy? damn i swear this town is getting more known by the day. its still a small a$$ town though and i want out!


I'm in Denver (Cook Park - South Monaco)and would love to meet the group for dinner.


yeah i know run! and i'm going to once i find a new job and a place to stay. aurora would be nice but i wouldn't mind the springs or castle rock eather. i would rather caslte rock cause its in the middle of everything.


I'm in Westminster.

Dinner good - I like to eat!


Attention Colorado T-Cellers:

I agree that Dinner is a more comfortable way to meet for the first time, our Calgary solution was to have everyone NOT wear pants. I know you are thinking "Hey, what a GREAT IDEA!, maybe this will work for us!"...I thought so too...

Things were O.K until STURAT started "dropping" his wallet every minute or so and finally stopped pretending altogether and spent the rest of the night "sckootching" along the floor lying on his back.

This, of course would have been expected T-Man behaviour if he didn't always end up under Lui.

"There is nothing evil save that which perverts the mind and shackles the conscience"

~ St. Ambrose


jwg, what I meant was I'll be sure to show up for a Colorado T-Cell meeting whenever I end up getting out to Colorado to spend some time with family. That probably won't be for another year or two considering how nutso they are.


Ya know, I was kidding when I said "Yuma" in my last post. I had NO IDEA that someone would be from La Junta. Heh. I think I went to La Junta once when I was a kid.

I haven't been to Rum Bay, and personally, I care to never go......but I will if everyone else wants to. And if we don't get enough to drink there, there are about 48234987234 brew pubs within 2 blocks radius. :smiley:

There are plenty of places downtown that we could go. Now I just have to think of some ...................