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Colorado Springs Gym

Dear T-men/vixen,

It’s almost embarrassing, but I was wrong about going to Seattle and/or Atlanta. Colorado Springs wasn’t even on the radar until two days ago when I was told to go there until the end of May or later.

Since I need to relocate, I need to find a gym to join ASAP. I was thinking about joining 24 Hr Fitness, but is it any good? I need a gym that’s close to the following hotels:

Embassy Suites Colorado Springs
7290 Commerce Center Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
(719) 599-9100 (ph)

Towneplace Suites Colorado Springs
4760 Centennial Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
(719) 594-4447 (ph)

Wyndham Colorado Springs
5580 Tech Center Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
(719) 260-1800 (ph)

Thank you.

I can’t help you out on the Gym side of things, but I will tell you that you need to go outside for your cardio as much as is possible–Colorado Springs has the Garden of the Gods… very nice for cardio.

I think that T-mag/Biotest is based out of there, so maybe there’s an “official” (or unofficial suggestion from an official source) suggestion.

Enjoy your time in Colorado.

I’ve stayed at that Embassy Suites – they have a few pieces of equipment near the pool, but hardly a “gym.” Would be ok for a short time.

Colorado Springs was rated 4th highest by that other magazine – and given the high level of military and athletics there – probably decent gyms.

Call the hotel and ask?


Hey Stella,

I live in the Springs and work out at 24 Hour. It’s not that bad of a gym, but I usually work out really early in the morning when no one is really there. There are 2 clubs, the one I am at is down south and there is one up noth at Austin Bluffs and Academy. Based off the locations you listed the North club may be closer for you. If you need someone to show you around let me know, I would love to give you the grand tour.

Thank you for responding, guys! :slight_smile:

My project site is off of Garden of the Gods Road, so hopefully I can do some cardio outside although I have a feeling that I’ll be too busy working to be out much.

Teela, I’ll ping you when I’m in Colorado Springs and somewhat settled. I suspect that it’ll be very hectic in the first few weeks.