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Colorado Skiing Suggestions?


I'm looking to find a place to take about 8 adults and 6 kids skiing next year in CO. I'd like to find a ski in-ski out condo or something.

Does anyone have any experience with any of the mountains out there and would you recommend one over the other for family skiing?

Does anyone have any advice or any good experiences with a particular condo complex? Thanks.


Vail has the best (and most) terrain in the U.S., lift tickets are $108 for full day last I remember.

Beaver Creek is more of a family resort and might be slightly more expensive for lodging than vail. The single day lift tickets cost the same I believe. BC has less terrain but is definitely suitable for all levels of skiers.

Breckenridge has more terrain than BC and less than vail, It is less expensive as well, $89 for full day. The lodging will be less expensive as well.

If you're looking to do the whole family thing and have the cash do BC.

If you're looking to do serious skiing go Vail.

If you're looking to have some cash left in your pocket and still have a good time do Breck.

Those are your 3 best choices IMO. Can't help yo out with the condo situation, sorry.

edit: It looks like Vail/BC's prices have come down since winter break they are sitting at 94 for a full day.


Monarch is a smaller place where you'll get more bang for your buck - the big resorts cost 3x what they do, and they are cool with you bringing food and whatnot. It isn't as local to Denver, tho.

I grew up at Loveland and A-Basin. A-Basin tends to be a little more difficult in terms of terrain. I spent a lot of time at Vail/BC, and yeah, it's nice or whatever, but it's full of tourists and is hella expensive. I wouldn't go to Vail to ski if you're a real skiier (which, if you have kids, you probably aren't), there are just too many people. I've never been to Aspen.

I like Copper Mountain or Breck as a half-way between fancy resort and local resort, but I have no idea what the ticket prices are for them anymore.

Look for places that have a good deal on a multi-day pass, and if you buy it either very early, or very late, you will probably save some cash. You might also find a pass that gives you two days at Copper or Breck, and one day at Vail/BC, or similar. I don't know if those are available to out-of-staters.

As for the condos, everything depends on your price range. You better have lots of cash if you want ski-in at a large resort.


I went out there for a week of skiing and hit A-basin, Vail, Breckenridge, and Keystone. Out of those four, I enjoyed Keystone the best. Wasn't as crowded, didn't feel as elitist as Vail, and they had loads of good blue runs. We rented a condo somewhere between the mountains, so I can't comment on the lodge situation.


Steamboat is by far the best in my opinion. It's not crowded, has great skiing, affordable, and isn't all posh like veil/brecky/aspen have become.


I love Steamboat in the summer, but I've never been skiing there in the winter. It's absolutely gorgeous up there.


Totally depends on how much you want to spend and what kind of terrain you like.

We need more information.

If money is no object, go to Aspen, there's four mountains, with everything from terrain parks and easy stuff (Buttermilk) to more difficult stuff (like at Highlands), they're all connected by shuttles, and you can walk to Aspen Mountain/the shuttle from anywhere in town. But it's hell'a expensive.

Telluride is a little cheaper, and you can stay in the real town or the ski-village, both are "on the hill" (the ski area has two faces).

I'm personally not a fan of the mega-resorts further north... at all... A-Basin is cool because it stays open 'till June, both I've found most of the Denver and North skiing to be not to my liking...


I will give a vote for Winter Park / Mary Jane, Great terrain and even in peak season you wont wait in lift lines and is much more budget friendly than Vial or Aspen. Also they have a Laundromat/Bar/Arcade in town, you can get a drink, eat some food, dry your socks, and play NBA Jam all at the same time.


Great suggestions. Thanks to all. As for more info, it will be my wife and I, my brother and his wife, (all very skilled skiers) and my kids. We can probably afford whatever, but I like to get the most bang for my buck. Looks like I can go ahead with what's already been said and be pretty confident that we'll have a good time.

I just got back from Breck on Sunday. We went to Steamboat last year. I just wasn't familiar with all the other options and I've gotten a lot of good information. Thanks everyone!