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Colorado Pro/Frantz Fitness Writeup

Well, this was not one of my better days. We did however, have a really good turnout for the show. 10 guys in open heavies, and good fields in the other classes as well.

We had a great spot on the expo floor, and a big crowd around all day long. By far more people than anything else they had going on.

Event 1: Tire crucifix(sp?) hold for time: 43lb tire per hand. I knew this was going to suck ass for me as I have been unable to train it with my shoulder injury. I managed 17 seconds, good enough for 7th. Winner was at 34 I think.

Event 2: Farmers and log medley: We had to go 80ft with one turn, 250lbs per hand. As soon as the line was crossed, we had a 230lb log that had to be clean and pressed for max reps. 75 second time limit on the event.

The farmers went very easy for me. 250lbs is light now, my grip could have held for longer. I was winded by the time I got to the log, and it showed. My clean is good, press, not so good. Banged out 2 reps, and then dumped the 3rd behind my head. I need to improve my overhead BADLY. Winner got like 11 reps, think I placed 4th?

Event 3: Car deadlift setup for reps. We didn’t have a car, they just loaded up 2 tires for us. The pickup was very low, but I don’t think it was 600lbs like advertised. I managed 11 reps, which was an all out effort for me. The tire kept sliding forward and they had to keep moving it back, but I think that may have only cost 1 or 2 reps. After I went, the strapped the tires down so they couldn’t move. Winner got 18 reps. Placed 5th?

Event 4: The cut out the 4th event (tire flip/drag medley) due to time and went directly to stones. The top 3 guys in each class would go on to the medley to determine the winner. At this point, I was in 5th, and I knew I had to kill the stones to even have a shot at top 3.

260, 280, 300, 320, and 345 stone series, I loaded all 5 in 20 seconds and won the event. Nobody else finished, so I was super happy with this. It was also 8 seconds faster than last week, so that was a big improvement. With the win, I was put into a tie for 3rd place.

Event 5: 750lb tire for 40ft, then 500lb drag for 40ft. I knew I had to beat the other guy in 3rd to get the spot. Tire flip went very easy, this is getting to be one of my better events. The drag sucked.

I finished, but it was just slow. The floor was super slick, and I just don’t have the bodyweight to mose some of this shit yet. Either way, I was still able to win this event as well due to my tire.

So, a 3rd place overall. Not the day I wanted, but it’s okay. The winner was from North Dakota, and just dominated the other 3 events, my hat is off to him.

I think we could make this a pro-am next year, as it’s just a great venue. (We need a good local sponser, Biotest are you reading this? :slight_smile: )

I’m not sure what my next show is going to be. I really need to work on my static strength, and gain some bodyweight before I do another big show. I have qualifed for the am championships in vegas, but I don’t know if I’m going to go or not right now. It’s not till October, so time will tell. I’ll try to get some pics up later today or tomorrow.


Nice work bro youve been competing a lot of late. Nationals man you earned it GO!!