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Colorado Gyms?


Does anyone know of good gyms in the denver area of Colorado? I am looking to get back into powerlifting.





1961 S Havana St
Aurora, CO 80014
303) 671-9586

This used to be a worlds gym, I love a gym with Three Power racks 200lb dumbells and a chalk Bin .... chains, bands etc. It has a serous no BS vibe which I love

They have all the training tools for strongman training too...

Please let me know if you find some others, i have been searching too and this is a perfect gym and the closest one Ive found to my house,


Rocky Mountain Lifting Club in Aurora
www.rmlccolorado.com is owned by Dan and Jennifer Gaudreau, both world class PLers. They host the USAPL stuff in CO.

My coach trains people out of his garage in Centennial.

I lift at the rec center in Thornton. Good enough for me, but I'll probably start going to the RMLC when I start lifting with a shirt and whatnot.


RMLC and Dan suck balls.

Mahenys is a great place, lots of good equipment and some big dudes there.

May also want to check out Colorado Pro Gym, just south of 43rd and kipling. Lots of big and strong guys there, some racks, dbs to 170, oly platform, and strongman stuff.



Monopoly, I've never been there except for a meet - why the animosity? Anything I should be aware of?


Guy just rubs me the wrong way, lots of things that I have heard, his viewpoints, thinks he knows it all and imo is a fat piece, etc. Put a double denim on him and he can belly bench though!



Colorado Pro gym is pretty damn good, I've been going there recently, the owners know their shit and everyone in there is no bullshit as well. I've heard RMLC is decent, but never been there myself. The rec center in Boulder is alright, as well.


Thanks for the info everyone!

What kinds of equipment do they have? Do they have a reverse hyper?

And how much per month do they charge?

Thanks again!


You are dead wrong about RMLC and Dan. Must take a big man to say they suck balls. Dan has trained me for 2 years and my numbers have skyrocketed. You are entitled to your opinion but there is no reason for that. He does not wear a double ply shirt and does not belly bench. Not sure if you know but he is a world record holder and multi time world champion; and belly benching does not pass at IPF Worlds. He does not think he knows it all, but rest assured, he has forgotten more than most will ever know.

And about you calling him a �??fat piece�?�.�?? You must be a tough dude. He�??s very successful, has an incredible reputation, has the cutest little kid, and his wife is absolutely the neatest woman I�??ve ever met and she is gorgeous too. I don�??t speak for Dan or RMLC, only for myself. I don�??t know where your dislike comes from, but I have more respect for Dan than you could ever imagine. I have learned so much from him and wouldn�??t be anywhere close to where I am without him; and I know many other lifters could say the same.

If you are looking to get back into powerlifting, RMLC would be a fine place. The atmosphere is great, the lifters are awesome people, and you won�??t find a better coach around.


They have a PL room with IPF bench and squat racks, couple power racks, Oly room with lots of bumper plates and platforms, GHR, reverse hyper, strongman stuff, machines I've never seen anywhere else. I buy a 20 visit punch pass $100. Find out when other PL are working out, check your ego at the door, and there is not a better place to work out if you're a PLer.

As for Dan G you are talking about a guy who gives an incredible amount to the sport and the lifters. He will work with anybody who is serious and willing to listen. Yeah he may come across as knowing it all but he knows more than anyone else in this state and if you listen to his advice and choose to try a different approach he still works with you. They guy is an IPF referee, world champion, world record holder, and is well into his 40s and still getting stronger - drug free.

I heard that at the Nationals a couple weeks ago he was doing liftoffs on the bench when he probably could have been sitting in the head chair. Obviously I can't say enough about the guy. His wife Jen is also an accomplished lifter, referee and coach. The guys that work out there include numerous national champs, world record holders, and even old farts like me. Don't know who Shake Bottle is because lots of lifters there would be making those comments.

Sorry about the extended rant but pay more attention to those of us that know the gym and people first hand not what you hear second hand.


I get the student rate at colorado pro gym, so it's 35$ for the month, which is awesome that they cater to students. They do have a reverse hyper as well as a tire, logs, platform and pretty much everything you will ever need.


I'm glad you guys like him, if it works for you that's cool. I just don't! I never said I was a toughguy, thanks though....

We have several oly lifters in the state who don't train with Dan and from what I've seen they are pretty good. They took time out of their personal workouts to help and train me which is pretty cool.

As far as pro gym goes, tons of freeweights, cybex, 2 powerracks, platform, strongman stuff. I think it's right around 30/mo?



Sounds about right, I think its 40/mo if you aren't a student


Just a heads up: Colorado Pro Gym (soon to be rebranded Armbrust Pro Gym) is having an open house on July 13th. I believe Phil Heath and Heather Armbrust are both giving bodybuilding clinics at some point in the day.

Full disclosure: I'm not employed by the gym and I have absolutely no association (so I hope they don't mind me pimping them out on T Nation). I'm not even a member (yet). I dropped in to check the place out today and was thoroughly impressed. My only complaint is that the rev hyper bangs the shit out of your shins! The owners have said they're planning on doing some serious facelifting so i'm hoping that includes a glute ham raise, plyo boxes and maybe a sled or Prowler.

Also a word regarding RMLC since I trained there for a year. Stopped because I could only train during the day (so I missed the big evening lifting group) and the gym is about 20 miles from my home (driving an SUV makes that tough at $4 a gallon). Dan was ridiculously helpful for me coming back from back surgery. They have EVERYTHING you could want (rev hyper, GH raise, SS bar, Jammer, strongman stuff, sled, boxes, oly platform). Highly recommend them both.


I don't have any trouble with their reverse hyper hmm


open house on the 13th huh?
you dont know the hours do you? i may head down there to check it out